Attorney’s Fees, Expenses
& Client Loans

Attorney’s fees in Jones Act cases are contingent on obtaining a settlement or judgment. The contingent fee is 33 1/3% if settlement is reached prior to filing suit and 40% after suit is filed. Case expenses such as filing fees paid to the courts, jury fees, court reporter fees, copies of depositions, cost of obtaining medical records, expert fees including fees to medical doctors, and any other cost necessary to properly prosecute your claim are paid for by the law firm and taken from the net amount of the client’s share of the settlement. Money advances to clients, will also be taken from the net amount of the client’s share of the settlement.

Long distance calls, copying documents in our office (if the job is so large that we have to hire a copying company the expense will be taken from the final recovery) or other in office expenses are not part of the attorney fees or expenses and are included at no charge. The expenses that come out of the settlement or judgment are those that we must pay to third parties to perform work on your case.

We will do everything necessary to get you the best possible result in your claim and will not overspend on expenses. Spending money on your case is evidence that we are serious about representing you and confidence in your claim.

If there is no recovery or if the recovery is insufficient to pay the expenses or loans you have no duty to repay un-recouped expenses or loans. We have enough faith in your case to put our money on the line for you. Without the resources of a law firm like the Ogletree Abbott Law Firm you would not be able to compete with the large corporations, insurance companies and their well-funded lawyers.

If you have the type of case and you live in a state where client loans are permitted, we do make client loans. We charge no interest and you repay the loans from your part of any settlement. These loans are made to help you make ends meet during the time we are working for your settlement or trial. Unfortunately we cannot improve your financial situation beyond what it was prior to your injury. We do not loan money for investments, entertainment, helping relatives or other such matters. Loans are to help you with food, shelter, clothing and the necessities of life. We would prefer to be able to loan you much more but everyone has a budget and we are no different. We have many clients who need our help and do the best with what we have. We will strive to keep you close to the same financial shape, within reason, that you were enjoying before the injury occurred. Emergencies arise and we will be here for you when you need us. Our firm has been around a long time and is successful, highly rated and have top credit as is evidenced by our AV rating with Martindale Hubbell. Check us out online with Martindale Hubble, which rates our ability and our credit rating; we have the highest possible ratings in ability and credit.

If you have any questions, we invite you to talk to one of our partners. Remember that we cannot make guarantees about loans especially to induce you to hire our firm. Promises of loans or money to get your case are unethical and are just a warning of future unethical behavior. It is our practice to make loans to our Jones Act clients after we determine the validity of their claim. A claim usually takes no more than a few days to evaluate so there is limited delay in obtaining financial help.

Call the lawyers and attorneys at the Ogletree Abbott Law Firm at 1 800 Jones Actand let us talk with you about your case. We appreciate any questions you ask and will do our best to give you plain and direct answers. We are here to help and promise to do our best to help you and your family with attorney’s fees, case expenses and client loans through this time in your life.