US Deploys War Ships to Yellow Sea

NOVEMBER 30, 2010 by Bill Abbott

It was recently reported that the USS George Washington, an American war ship, is on its way to the Korean peninsula. The purpose is to carry out military exercises with South Korea that will project a unified appearance between the US and South Korea to hostile North Korea. A Houston Jones Act lawyer with vested interest in supporting Jones Act clients nationally should be anxiously watching this situation, as it affects America’s maritime situation.

US Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Admiral Mike Mullen said that the exercise has been a long time coming, allowing the US to both show support for South Korea as well as “send a strong signal of deference” to North Korea. The United States wants to eliminate the situation from “getting out of control” and prevent conflict, both between the US and North Korea, and North and South Korea. The interests of a Jones Act lawyer Houston are piqued when maritime law is in question, and the affairs of the United States on the sea could also affect US maritime workers.

The military drills will begin in the Yellow Sea on Sunday. Currently, 50 vessels are ready in the Yellow Sea to join the USS George Washington, and to begin the military drills. Many a Maritime lawyer Houston is anxiously watching the news to be ready for the next step. US officials are claiming that another episode, such as the shelling of Yeonpyeong island, could bring North and South Korea to war – a reality wanted by neither side.

The Yeonpyeong attack occurred when North Korea broke fire on a civilian zone in South Korea. While South Korea officials currently say they are “on alert”, they are being cautious and considering any possible actions before they occur.

Along with many a concerned Houston Jones Act lawyer, China is also carefully watching the situation unfold in the Yellow Sea. Along with a maritime lawyer in Houston, China is hoping that any effort made from both sides of Korea will result in peace on both sides, and calm restraint as opposed to military action and all out war. China has agreed to engage in any talks that will prevent the current hostile situation from turning into a war that could involve China and the United States to some degree.

The US has undertaken precautions to prevent war in the past, including President Bill Clinton’s flight to North Korea that led to an understanding, a peaceful approach, and an ease in tensions between North Korea and the United States. With the United States giving military support to South Korea, our position is made clear – the US will not tolerate violence or any civilian siege in the area of the Yellow Sea. A Houston maritime lawyer and Houston Jones Act lawyer should note that all sides are working to prevent war time conflict in the gulf as much as possible.
All involved parties will keep an eye on the situation to ensure that maritime and peace time relations are not interrupted between North and South Korea.

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