Jones Act and Maintenance

DECEMBER 11, 2010 by Bill Abbott

Once of the biggest problems an injured maritime worker can face is a low maintenance fee. According to the law, when a maritime worker is injured on the job, employees must pay a maintenance rate until an employee is able to work again or gets to maximum medical improvement.

It would seem like the employer should pay a reasonable amount that would allow the employee and his or her family to survive. In many cases, employers are only paying enough for the employee’s basic survival, which can cause major problems for a family struggling to make ends meet. If the injured worker is the only provider in a family, it’s definitely worth consulting a Houston Jones Act lawyer. The effects of a low or inadequate maintenance fee can be absolutely devastating to a family.

A Houston Jones Act attorney that cares about clients can offer loans to a client while the injured worker waits on a Jones Act settlement. This will give the employee enough money to survive, while the Jones Act attorney Houston works out the details of his or her case. Ogletree Abbott is a Jones Act Law Firm that cares about clients, and can assist clients with loans while waiting on a larger settlement.

Because Jones Act settlements can be substantial, employees often try to avoid them by agreeing to pay the equivalent of the employee’s salary. Many employees don’t hire a Jones Act lawyer Houston because they don’t know that a much more substantial settlement may await them than their employer is offering. Furthermore, many employees may be shorted with a low maintenance fee while waiting for their settlement to come in. Maintenance agreements can even be literally dollars a day – there’s no way in our current economy that an injured worker can live on $15-20 a day, and employees know that.

Employees don’t take the fact that an injured worker can be a family’s sole provider into consideration when assigning maintenance fees. Many employers could care less that their workers are injured and unable to support their families – they know they may be forced to pay a costly settlement if the worker is consulting with a Houston Jones Act attorney, so naturally they want to cut costs wherever possible. This can happen even if an employer knows that an employee’s family is in a financial crisis.

A caring Houston Jones Act lawyer can help an injured worker’s family pick up the pieces after a painful injury.

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