Jones Act Attorneys Who Care

DECEMBER 15, 2010 by Bill Abbott

When it comes to the Jones Act, the kind of attorney you need doesn’t just care about his or her bottom line. Alabama Jones Act lawyers become involved with their clients, and care about their problems and the frustrations they go through in being out of work, and anticipating some kind of settlement just to get by. Alabama Jones Act lawyers who care about their clients often suffer sleepless nights just knowing their clients are suffering. The client’s problems and pain and suffering are major concerns of a caring Jones Act lawyer Alabama. When looking for a Jones Act lawyer, a potential client should always take compassion and understanding into consideration.

When a worker is injured, the effects on the worker and his or her family may not just be physical. Physical limitations, paid, and concerns about money can lead to serious psychological complications as well. Depression is a major part of what an injured worker may deal with. Trying to understand maritime law and navigate a Jones Act settlement by oneself could exacerbate the worker’s condition, which in turn could lead to more depression. An Alabama maritime lawyer will work to alleviate an injured client of his or her emotional burdens.

Many injured workers feel as if their lives are over after they sustain an injury on the job. A good settlement fought for by an experienced Jones Act lawyer Alabama can ensure that the good life the worker always anticipated is still ahead. Many injured workers don’t know that under the Jones Act, they may be compensated not only for medical treatment, wages and pain and suffering, but also for decrease of quality of life.

Quality of life decreases when an injury prevents a worker from doing things they once enjoyed. Going out and enjoying time with family, playing sports or games, going to church, and other such activities often bring joy and relief to the life of anyone. If an injured worker misses out on activities he or she normally enjoys due to the injury, quality of life is compromised. An experienced Alabama Jones Act lawyer can work toward a quality of life settlement for an injured worker, in addition to other parts of the settlement the worker may be relying upon.

Experienced Jones Act attorneys Alabama care about their clients, and will fight alongside their clients to make sure a worker gets the settlement he or she deserves.

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