Jones Act Injury? Who Do You Talk To?

DECEMBER 13, 2010 by Bill Abbott

Many workers aren’t 100% sure if they’re covered by the Jones Act. The rule of thumb is that if you work on a vessel that has a word like “boat, riverboat or ship” in the title, you are probably covered by the Jones Act. A Houston Jones Act lawyer can handle a case for anyone injured on these types of vessels.

Even if you work on a drilling rig that’s docked offshore, or elsewhere near the water, you could have a Jones Act claim. Longshore workers are protected under the Jones Act as well. Houston maritime attorneys work with all kinds of injured employees who are covered under the Jones Act – from workers injured on cargo ships to workers injured on riverboat cruises. Sea work can be dangerous regardless of what type of vessel you’re on, and a Jones Act lawyer Houston knows it. Houston Jones Act attorneys have worked with all types of clients in a variety of injury, financial and employment situations.

Many employers will try to tell you that they know Jones Act law, and that they know what’s best for you after you’re injured on the job. Keep in mind that a Jones Act lawyer is the best person for the job. A Houston Jones Act attorney or maritime attorney has gone through law school, passed the bar, and very likely dealt with a variety of cases that a lawyer who doesn’t have Jones Act specialization could not understand.

When working with a Jones Act lawyer Houston, you can be assured that you’re led in the best possible direction to receive the settlement you need to pay bills and support your family. A Jones Act attorney knows that a greedy employer may often try to deceive you – working to convince you that you’re not covered under the Jones Act,  that you could simply take your salary or stay off your feet at work to compensate for injuries, or worse – you could be wrongfully terminated. Jones Act attorneys Houston have dealt with all kinds of Jones Act cases. Maritime Lawyers know exactly how to deal with clients in the way that will ensure the best settlement.

If you’ve been injured, don’t listen to your employer, and don’t let anyone tell you they know the law better than a Jones Act lawyer. Jones Act attorneys are tough, smart, and ready to fight for you. They know the law – Ogletree Abbott Law Firm actually wrote the book on Jones Law.

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