Jones Act: Salary Vs. Settlement

DECEMBER 8, 2010 by Bill Abbott

Salary Continuation happens when an employer sees you are injured, knows you could be in for a very significant Jones Act settlement, and tries to work with you to continue your salary payments as if you’re not injured.

A Houston Jones Act lawyer knows that many injured maritime workers have worked for their employers for a long time. There is trust and loyalty there, and unfortunately, an employer may know that it’s in their best financial interest to take advantage of that loyalty by offering an injured maritime worker salary continuation.

If you’re an injured worker who’s in this situation, consult with a Houston Jones Act attorney before starting salary discussions with your employer. Here’s why:

Yes, Jones Act settlements can be incredibly profitable for an injured maritime worker. Employees may end up making much more of a financial investment in your Jones Act settlement than they ever would paying your normal salary. Discoursing with your employer about salary vs. settlement often can end in the favor of your employer, and won’t honor your best interests as an injured worker. This is why it’s best to talk to a Houston maritime lawyer before making any decisions – or even dealing with your employer after an injury.

Many injured maritime workers feel a loss of pride to the injury. They may feel that losing their ability to work should somehow cost them quality of life financially. The worker’s former salary seems like a good deal – you’re getting paid not to work, right? The worker may even feel as if he or she is being compensated to literally do nothing. However, we need to establish the facts – your employer may care about you, but in most cases it’s guaranteed they’ll care more about their bottom line. By talking to a Jones Act attorney Houston, you can ensure that your best interests are kept throughout your ordeal – from your after-injury care to a settlement.

It’s hard not to trust an employer, when you’ve developed a relationship with that employer, and when you really want to be back at work after an injury. If you’ve been injured on the job, don’t push yourself to do something you can’t physically do, possibly making your injury worse. And make sure that you talk to a Houston Jones Act lawyer before accepting any agreement or making any kind of contract with your employer. You’ll be glad you did, as you’ll be protecting your own best interests – just as your employer works to protect theirs.

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