On Loyalty and Injury

DECEMBER 12, 2010 by Bill Abbott

The pain and psychological manipulation that some injured workers experience at the hands of their employers is unimaginable. For injured workers, there is a different dynamic to the betrayal.

Workers in offshore situations may feel closer to their employer and co-workers than employees do in typical job situations. They spend an extended amount of time around their co-workers and foremen, spending hours on the job doing physical labor that often requires building a relationship of trust and camaraderie with fellow employees, and with their bosses. Many a Jones Act lawyer Houston sees the long-term effects these relationships have on a worker when he or she is unable to perform due to an injury.

When the injury happens, an employee is often wracked with guilt and shame. He or she would return to work if health permitted, but in many cases it’s clear that this isn’t going to happen. Whether the employee knows they may be entitled to a hefty Jones Act settlement is irrelevant. If an injured worker doesn’t consult with a Houston Jones Act lawyer and understand their rights, it’s hard to tell how the employee may be manipulated into settling for a smaller sum. Many employees try to get their workers to settle for pennies on the dollar rather than consult a Jones Act attorney Houston.

When this happens, it seems like a win-win situation for everyone involved in the matter. As a Jones Act attorney Houston will tell you, settling for only an amount around your salary is a product of a manipulation game played by many employers. Employers know that you may feel like you’re “getting a deal” if you’re unable to work, but the employer is still “gracious” enough to pay you a regular salary wage.

A Jones Act lawyer has plenty of experience with the ways that an employer can manipulate an employee into different situations that could be detrimental to the employee’s health or finances. This could include wrongfully firing the worker to avoid paying a settlement, settling for much lower than they know the employee’s injuries should call for, and more. A Jones Act lawyer Houston will consult with the employee and take control of the situation, ensuring that an employee isn’t shorted by their employer.

Loyalty drives many employees to feel like they “owe” their employer something, but employers may find their bottom line more important than their employee’s financial situation. Consulting with a Jones Act lawyer Houston may help an injured worker get control.

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