The Jones Act and Coverage

DECEMBER 14, 2010 by Bill Abbott

The US Supreme Court has sought to protect workers by enforcing the broad legislation covered under the Jones Act and similar laws. These kinds of laws ensure that an employer will be accountable if a worker is injured on the Job. The Jones Act provides for injured workers in a way that includes almost all types of injuries and situations incurred on the job. Under the law, an employer does not have many options for getting out of paying maintenance, which is money so that the employee can get by until the injury situation is resolved, and cure – a term referring to medical expenses paid by the employer to get the worker back up to scratch.

A Louisiana Jones Act lawyer can help in cases like these, where an employee may feel that he or she isn’t getting appropriate maintenance and cure for their injuries. As you might well imagine, employers often try to pay the most trivial amount possible for maintenance and cure. These amounts may not be enough to cover even half of an injured worker’s bills, particularly if he or she is the sole source of income in the family. The medical cure amounts may not be enough to pay for expensive medical bills, particularly when doctors and insurance companies try to tell a worker that certain diagnostic tests aren’t covered by insurance.

Jones Act lawyers Louisiana have seen it all before – doctors that try to tell you certain procedures aren’t “covered”, insurance companies that don’t care, and employers who are ready to cut all ties with a worker even if he or she has dedicated years of hard work to the company. It’s understandable that a business has a bottom line to meet, but at the end of the day, employees are what keep companies running. The Jones Act uses inclusive language for a reason – employees should feel like they will be protected if work conditions result in an injury. Workers should feel secure and confident in the loyalty they have toward their employees, and not worry constantly that they will be wrongfully terminated if an accident is to happen at the workplace.

A Jones Act Lawyer Louisiana can really help with a worker’s sense of security. In Louisiana and surrounding states like Texas, a Texas Jones Act attorney knows the law and is looking to protect a client’s best interests throughout the settlement process. A Houston Jones Act lawyer truly cares about clients.

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