Urging a Loved One to Get Help

DECEMBER 10, 2010 by Bill Abbott

When a loved one has been injured at a maritime job, the worst thing he or she can do is put off calling a Jones Act lawyer Houston. Most maritime lawyers give some type of free consultation, so not making that call delays valuable time a Houston Jones Act attorney could use to go over the case, gain valuable insight, and start working toward goals.

Calling a Jones Act lawyer is more difficult than some might think. Having to admit that the injury is painful, possibly permanent, and is stopping a worker from doing things even outside of work that he or she might enjoy – well, that’s hard to admit. Not being able to support a family and loss of pride are hard for anyone, and the depression that an injured maritime worker goes through when an injury tears them away from work may be hard for people to understand. However, it’s not hard for Jones Act lawyer Houston to understand. This is exactly the person an injured worker needs to talk to if he or she wants someone on their side.

It’s not just about the money – a Houston Jones act lawyer understands what the client is going through. In all likelihood, an experienced maritime lawyer Houston has seen and dealt with several injured workers. The depression, the financial and emotional stress, and strain on family relationships are all something a maritime lawyer Houston has seen before. Talking to a lawyer IS taking care of business for an injured worker, and a Houston Jones Act lawyer will know what the best next steps are for an individual workers’ case.

If a loved one around you seriously needs to call a Houston Jones Act lawyer, but is putting it off, it’s totally acceptable to step in, tell them how much you care, and urge them to seek out the resources they need. There is a limited window of time in which an injured maritime worker can engage with a Houston maritime lawyer to get started on a Jones Act case. If your loved one lets that window of time run out, he or she could be missing out on a settlement that would take care of the worker and his or her family. Urging a loved one to seek help is never the wrong thing to do, especially if that help can get them the settlement they deserve.

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