WikiLeaks Publishes Classified State Department Cable

DECEMBER 6, 2010 by Bill Abbott

Popular site WikiLeaks is in the news again – this time, for revealing key locations vital to US security and global telecommunications via a confidential intelligence cable published on its website.

While WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange runs from Swedish Interpol, who currently pursue him on sexual assault charges against two women who came forward last week, the world waits to see what Assange will publish next.  A Jones Act lawyer Houston recently noted that the most recent confidential cables disclose what US intelligence lists as major areas of US security. Areas like the Panama Canal, and key friendly intelligence areas overseas are now public knowledge.

The list was on a 2009 cable to the State Department that listed major world areas that would seriously threaten US security, communications, and other factors should the areas be compromised. Many maritime lawyers in Houston and world leaders, including Great Britain’s prime minister, are speaking out against Assange, citing that the publication of the cable threatens not only US security, but the security of many other nations. Terrorists who may be planning attacks against the United States can use this information to cripple telecommunications or other vital service points, some security-related.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange continues to assert that it is his right to publish the documents. In the midst of a global hunt for Assange, WikiLeaks is being mirrored all over the world, as many popular ISPs are refusing to do business with Assange and shutting down his site. In addition, the site has been the subject of hack attacks that Assange believe are US government authorized, and also coming from intelligence organizations in other countries. A Houston Jones act lawyer will carefully watch the news and web to see what new developments are taking place.

On Friday, US-based internet financial service PayPal shut down Assange’s account, leaving it difficult for WikiLeaks to collect much-needed donations for service and other fees. Supporters of Assange and WikiLeaks are boycotting Paypal, and any other service provider, host, or internet service company that refuses to do business with Assange or WikiLeaks. A Houston Jones Act attorney may also be taking part in the boycott.

A Houston Jones Act lawyer may be on one side or the other of the Assange issue, but this particular story pushes many a hot button with regard to free speech, public knowledge of intelligence agency covert operations, and US global relations with other countries. While many see Assange as a hero, others condemn him and believe he should do criminal time – not just for the WikiLeaks fiasco, but for the accusations coming from Sweden. Needless to say, many a Jones Act lawyer Houston and the world at large will be watching Assange’s actions on the web within the weeks to come.

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