MARCH 23, 2011 by Bill Abbott

The infamous BP oil company involved in last year’s massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has come into the light once again. Recently, BP voiced their displeasure over the payout rules determined by the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. The payout rules are used to determine the amount of each settlement for people hurt by the oil spill. In essence, BP claims that the payout rules are too high, allowing too much money to be claimed. Right now, the rules set the payments to be twice the amount of losses each claimant suffered in 2010, minus any payments already received.

This is one more way that BP is attempting to shirk their responsibility to the people affected by the horrendous oil spill. Those filing claims against BP would be wise to have a qualified maritime attorney on their side. At the very least, they need to consult with a maritime attorney and make sure their claims are properly filed. The people of the coast are entitled to damages – many of their livelihoods have been severely reduced because of the damage from the spill. The spill rests on BP’s shoulders and, therefore, the responsibility to fulfill the claims falls on BP, as well.

If you or someone you know has been affected by the oil spill, whether it was financial damage or a physical injury, make sure you have a maritime attorney helping you with your claim. A qualified maritime attorney who is educated in maritime law and the situation surrounding the oil spill will be able to help you get fair compensation. BP is sure to continue to try to get the settlements lowered. Should any claims, including yours, have to be settled in a courtroom, your maritime attorney will be able to assist you in your case. You are already a victim of BP’s negligence. Do not be a victim of their unwillingness to pay. Contact your maritime attorney today and begin work on your claim.


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