The Jones Act: Protecting Maritime Men and Women

MARCH 16, 2011 by Bill Abbott

Being employed on a sailing vessel often means danger. Vessels are required to be in safe condition to help protect the employees. The Jones Act makes it possible for injured seaman to get financial compensation for any injuries that occurred while working aboard a vessel. Of course, seaman does not mean only men. There are many women in the same field of work and the Jones Act provides them with the same protection.

Ora Lynette Phillips is one such person. Phillips claims that she was injured while employed by Hercules Offshore Drilling Co. In September of 2010, Phillips was working aboard a Hercules vessel and suffered an injury. Phillips and her Texas Jones Act lawyers filed a suit against Hercules for the injuries she sustained and various forms of compensation. The suit alleges that Hercules was negligent and that Phillips was working on an unseaworthy vessel. Lost wages, mental suffering and medical expenses are included in the claim.

The specific details of Phillips injuries are not stated in the claim. However, it can be certain that her Texas Jones Act Lawyers believe she has a strong case. Otherwise, they would not have filed the Jones Act suit. The Jones Act is designed to protect people in the maritime workforce, but it can be complicated and difficult to prove. With reputable Texas Jones Act lawyers representing her in court, Phillips stands a very good chance of reaching a settlement or being awarded a judgment.

It will be interesting to watch this case play out. Depending on the details of her injury, the case could go either way. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman – if you have been injured in the maritime workforce, do not waste time finding the Texas Jones Act lawyers you need. Maritime law is complex and you need a qualified attorney to prove your claim.


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