APRIL 19, 2011 by Bill Abbott

When you retain the services of an experienced Jones Act attorney, you can rest assured that your case will be handled aggressively.  With the complexities of the Jones Act making it possible for negligible defendants to settle for less than you deserve, it is essential to have an experienced team representing you in court.  A recent Jones Act claim was settled for the hefty sum of $4 million because the plaintiff had trained and educated attorneys on his side.

A deckhand was injured on a fishing boat when the compressor of a circulating seawater system exploded.  The compressor had already showed signs of trouble when it repeatedly shut itself off.  The deckhand was made to address the problem simply by pushing the reset switch.  The malfunction causing the compressor to switch off was never addressed.  This constant resetting of the system damaged internal parts of the compressor.  Ultimately, it was reset one too many times and it exploded.

This particular case was handled by a Jones Act attorney that had a full understanding of maritime law.  The $4 million settlement reached involved the owner of the vessel, the company that installed the circulating system, and the manufacturer of the defective compressor.  This case demonstrates the quality of legal care you will receive from a reputable, experienced Jones Act attorney.  When you are dealing with a maritime injury, you need the legal expertise of a qualified Jones Act attorney.

If you, or someone you know, have suffered an injury in the maritime industry, you have rights.  You have rights to a variety of forms of compensation, including medical expenses and lost wages.  Instead of settling directly with your employer on your own, let a professional handle your Jones Act claim for you.  No amount of money can reverse your injury but you deserve to be compensated for the actions that led to your injury.


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