APRIL 7, 2011 by Bill Abbott

When dealing with maritime injuries of any sort, hiring the experience of an offshore law firm is vital. While most maritime workers seek professional help with injury claims, there are those that insist on dealing with the offending party on their own. It is a mistake to represent yourself in a maritime injury claim. Maritime law is a complex and intricate law. Representing yourself could lead to a reduced claim. There are several reasons why hiring an experienced offshore law firm is essential to your claim.

  • Without an experienced offshore law firm on your side, you will not have the knowledge needed to handle the claim. For instance, after you were injured, a complete investigation took place. An offshore law firm will be able to gain access to all of the investigative materials. If you deal with the company alone, you could overlook some critical documents and information.
  • An experienced offshore law firm will see to it that you are given top-notch medical care and testing. If you handle your claim on your own, the offending company is likely to provide only minimal medical care.
  • By hiring the services of an offshore law firm, you will have legal advice at every turn of your claim. You will be less likely to make a choice that could be harmful to your case. For instance, many people that choose to represent themselves return to work too soon. They obtain a full-release from a physician because they need a steady income. Returning to work with a full, medical release only succeeds in showing the courts that your injuries were not that serious, leading to a potentially lower award.

An offshore law firm will make sure that you have the best legal representation in your claim. Unless you have a full understanding of the justice system and maritime law, hire an attorney to handle your case. Your future financial security just might depend on it.


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