MAY 24, 2011 by Bill Abbott

Since many different kinds of workers fall under the protection of the Jones Act, it is a good idea to have a general understanding of the Jones Act. Depending on your particular line of work, if you are injured, you could have a Jones Act claim on your hands. An experienced Jones Act attorney is the best way to learn about your rights and if you have a claim. One such claim was recently settled for a deckhand aboard a fishing boat.

The deckhand was in the process of preparing a large pile of fishing nets to be placed aboard the fishing boat. The pile of nets weighed more than 20,000 pounds. It was secured with a strap that was supposed to be tightened down by a forklift. However, the strap was not properly secured to the forklift and when the forklift operator tried to pull on the strap, the strap came loose. The deckhand fell from the top of the fishing nets onto the dock. The fall resulted in a fractured arm.

With the help of experienced Jones Act attorneys, the deckhand filed a Jones Act claim. Even though he was working on the dock at the time of the accident, he was still covered under the Jones Act because he was performing work for the fishing vessel. Had the deckhand not consulted with a Jones Act law firm, he might not have known that his injury was covered under the Jones Act. The claim was settled for $400,000.

If you, or someone you know, have suffered an injury while performing maritime work, contact a Jones Act law firm for advice. Even if the injury did not occur on the actual sea, you could still be entitled to monetary compensation under the Jones Act. Your Jones Act attorney will be able to assist you in understanding your rights and filing your claim.


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