MAY 17, 2011 by Bill Abbott

Injuries in the maritime industry do not always happen to actual employees.  Sometimes, students at maritime academies suffer injuries.  When this type of incident occurs, it is essential that the injured student seek the advice of a Jones Act lawyer.  All maritime injuries need to be investigated and an attorney might decide to file a Jones Act claim.  Whether you are an injured employee or an injured student, you have rights under the Jones Act.  Let your Jones Act attorney help you with your case and seek compensation for your injuries.

One maritime academy student was in his senior year of studies.  Part of his coursework required him to have some sea time – essentially, he had to put in hours aboard a vessel on the sea.  The student took part in a training trip at sea.  When the vessel he was working on was leaving a port, the student was on the stern.  He was holding a line attached to a tug that was pulling the vessel out of the port.  According to the student, all of a sudden, the tug sped away.  The line became tangled around the student’s leg.  He was pulled into a piece of equipment and his ankle was severed.

With the help of experienced Jones Act attorneys, the student filed claims against the owner of the tugboat and against the maritime academy.  His attorneys argued that the academy was negligent because the students were not properly supervised.  They also argued that the tug was negligent because of the lack of communication between the vessels.  Before the trial started, a settlement was reached.  The student ended up with a settlement close to $750,000.

If you, or someone you know, have been injured in the maritime industry, contact a Jones Act attorney to help you with your case.  You may need to file claims against more than one party.  Your Jones Act lawyer will assist you in filing your claims and seeking your reward.


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