MAY 3, 2011 by Bill Abbott

Another Jones Act case was recently settled by a diligent Jones Act law firm.  Working hard for their client, the law firm presented a claim that could not be denied.  In the case, an oil platform worker was being transferred between a crew boat and a rig.  The operator of the basket made a mistake and dropped the basket too fast, causing the worker to suffer a back injury.  Specifically, he ended up with a herniated disk that later required surgery.

The worker retained the services of an experienced Jones Act law firm because he knew he needed help. The law firm went to bat for him and the defendant settled the claim for $900,000.  Without the assistance of the Jones Act law firm, this worker probably would not have received such a generous settlement.

When working in the maritime industry, there is always a risk of injury.  However, the Jones Act makes it possible for maritime workers to seek monetary compensation when injured.  In this particular case, the worker now has a way to pay for his medical expenses and provide for his basic needs.  Without a Jones Act attorney on his side, he might have simply suffered in silence or accepted an unfair amount for his injuries.

If you, or someone you know, have been injured in the maritime industry, consider your options.  You can settle with your employer on your own, leaving yourself vulnerable to their demands.  On the other hand, you can hire a law firm specializing in Jones Act claims and let them handle your case for you.  To keep your peace of mind, do not try to fight the bosses on your own – let your Jones Act attorney do it instead.  Your employer owes you for your injury.  You owe it to yourself to have the best legal representation possible.



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