MAY 25, 2011 by Bill Abbott

Accidents in the maritime industry are common. It is a dangerous industry and seamen can get hurt while performing their jobs. There are even instances when standard safety drills can lead to injury. Lifeboat drills are one particular area where injuries often occur. It might seem strange that a practice drill could lead to injuries but it happens a lot. One seaman suffered an injury during a lifeboat drill that completely changed his life.

The seaman was taking part in a standard lifeboat drill aboard the vessel of his employment. During a lifeboat drill, a wench is used to raise and lower the lifeboat into the water. The seaman was injured when the brake for the wench failed. The wench handle spun out of control and struck the seaman in the head. Fortunately, he was wearing a hard hat, which provided some protection. The wench handle dented the hard hat and fractured his skull. The seaman also suffered fractures in the bones in his ears. Ultimately, the seaman lost all hearing in one ear and part of his hearing in the other. He also suffered from dizzy spells.

With the help of qualified Jones Act Lawyer, the seaman was able to file a claim against his employer. The claim was filed on the grounds that the vessel was unseaworthy because the wench failed. The Jones Act lawyers in this case were able to show that the wench was being used under normal conditions and the seaman was not at fault. The claim was settled quickly, for the amount of $700,000.

If you, or someone you know, have been the victim of a maritime injury, you need the help of a qualified Jones Act law firm. A qualified Jones Act attorney will have a full understanding of maritime law and can assist you in seeking financial compensation.

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