MAY 18, 2011 by Bill Abbott

If you are employed in the maritime industry, you know how important it is to have a safe working environment.  The maritime industry can be quite dangerous.  Without a safe working environment, injuries can happen more often and sometimes be quite severe.  Jones Act attorneys understand the importance of a safe working environment.  When they are presented with a possible Jones Act claim, they can quickly assess the situation and decide if an unsafe working environment was the cause of the injury.  When employers do not upkeep the working environment properly and seamen are injured, the employers have a responsibility to provide compensation.  A skilled Jones Act attorney can help seamen get this compensation.

A 55-year-old seaman was working aboard a vessel when the vessel’s gear came loose.  The vessel lost its gear in the water.  The seaman was assigned the task of retrieving the gear with a jilsen hook.  As he was hauling the gear aboard, the hook came loose and the gear struck him.  The resulting injuries – dislocated shoulder, herniated disc in the back, abdominal injuries, tear on the rotator cuff, kidney hematoma, and a laceration to the liver.

The seaman hired a Jones Act attorney to assist him with his Jones Act claim against his employer.  The attorney argued that the defendant did not provide a safe working environment.  The reason behind this argument was the fact that numerous defects in the equipment holding the gear in place had been pointed out to the captain.  However, no repairs were ever made.  If repairs had been made, the gear never would have come loose and the seaman would not have been injured.  It was also argued that the procedure for retrieving the gear was unsafe.

Before the case went to trial, a settlement of $500,000 was reached.  If you, or someone you know, have a possible Jones Act claim on your hands, contact an experienced Jones Act attorney for advice.  You deserve compensation for your injuries and your lost wages.


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