MAY 26, 2011 by Ogletree Abbott

The maritime industry is an industry where many people make their living. For some, a love of the water draws them to the maritime industry and they find work aboard a vessel. For others, their employment is found on the docks or on oil rig platforms. The many jobs of the maritime industry are a way of life for millions of people. This way of life is also the cause of many injuries. While all industries pose some sort of risk, the maritime industry can be particularly risky. Maritime workers understand the risks pertaining to their job and do their best to take the necessary precautions to stay safe. However, accidents do happen.

Ernesto Tamez was the victim of a maritime accident. He was pinned between an oil burner and a handrail when a crane operator accidently swung the oil burner towards Tamez. Being pinned in such a manner caused back, neck and shoulder injuries. Luckily, Tamez hired an experienced Jones Act Lawyer to handle his case. The experienced Jones Act Lawyer devoted time and effort into Tamez’s claim because he knew that the employer was at fault. The defendant tried to place the blame on Tamez and even implied that his injuries were not from the accident but from his age.

However, Tamez’s lawyer argued a phenomenal case. With the help of an interpreter for Tamez, who did not speak English, the lawyer was able to prove that Tamez was not at fault. The jury in this case awarded Tamez $1.72 million for his injuries and lost wages. This case demonstrates how quickly an accident can happen and the need for a qualified attorney. Without a good attorney, Tamez may not have received any money at all.

If you, or someone you know, have been hurt on the job, contact the Ogletree Abbott Law Firm toll free at 1-800-799-4950 as soon as you can. You could be entitled to more money than you realize and your attorney can help you file your claim.

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