JUNE 27, 2011 by Ogletree Abbott

The maritime industry employs thousands, if not millions, of people. Working in this industry often means that some of the regular rules do not apply to you. For instance, if you get hurt aboard a vessel, the Jones Act is the law that will provide for your financial compensation. Maritime accidents that require the filing of a maritime claim need an experienced legal team. If you try to negotiate your own terms with your employer, chances are that you are not going to come out on top. Your employer will have his or her own attorney. You need an experienced maritime attorney, too.

Recently, a deckhand was involved in a maritime accident aboard a vessel. The deckhand was working aboard a vessel and given the task of carrying a hose from one area to another. The area he was carrying the hose to was a containment area and he was told to drain the hose into the area. The hose was full of oil. As the deckhand was carrying this large, heavy hose, the hose broke. The oil spilled and the deckhand slipped and fell. The fall caused a severe, lower back injury.

The deckhand knew that he needed legal advice. He was unsure if he even had a maritime claim against his employer. He sought the advice of a maritime attorney and got the answers he needed. He did, indeed, have grounds for a claim and his attorney wasted no time in the filing process. The attorney argued that the deckhand should have had assistance in carrying the cumbersome hose. The maritime accident could have been avoided if the seaman had help. Instead, he was forced to maneuver the hose alone, causing it to break and leading to his fall.

The employer settled the claim for $350,000, along with the promise to pay for future surgeries. The injured deckhand no longer has to worry about his medical costs, thanks to the experience and talent of his maritime accident attorney. If you, or someone you know, have suffered any type of maritime-related injury, you have the right to your own attorney. Instead of dealing with your medical expenses on your own, let your attorney get you the money you need to pay your expenses.


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