JUNE 28, 2011 by Ogletree Abbott

Before working in the maritime industry, it is a good idea to understand the risks. While there are many areas of the industry that pose little risk to your safety, many areas pose a high risk. For instance, if you are a deckhand aboard a fishing or crabbing vessel, you can expect wet surfaces creating potentially dangerous environments. You should not let possible risks deter you from taking a job in the maritime industry. Standard safety rules and regulations will help lower the day-to-day risks. However, it is always a good idea to know your rights in case you are a victim of a maritime accident.

Two workers were recently involved in a maritime accident on an offshore oilrig. The two men were assigned the task of painting the offshore rig. While the workers were doing their job, the staging they were on collapsed. Both men suffered severe back injuries from their fall. A water-blasting gun also lacerated both men during the fall. The two workers sought the advice of an experienced maritime law firm. A maritime accident claim was filed against their employer. It was discovered that the staging had a frayed line. This frayed line broke and caused the staging to collapse. It was also discovered that the water-blasting gun was defective. The high-powered sprayer should have stopped spraying when it fell.

Both of these defective pieces of equipment led to the back injuries and lacerations. The experienced maritime attorneys representing the workers did an excellent job of proving their claim. The employer settled the claim with both men. Without the maritime law experience of their attorneys, the workers may not have received a settlement at all.

This case clearly demonstrates two things: the need for stringent safety policies and the need for legal assistance. If better safety policies had been in place, the defective equipment could have been discovered before it led to the maritime accident. The experienced legal advice and work performed by the injured workers’ attorneys led to a successful claim and settlement. If you, or someone you know, have been injured in the maritime industry, contact an attorney to discuss your case. You, too, could be entitled to compensation.


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