JUNE 22, 2011 by Ogletree Abbott

Maritime accidents can happen very quickly and with little or no warning. It only takes a split second for a piece of equipment to fail or to slip on a slick surface. When this happens, injuries often follow. Common maritime accident injuries are back, neck and shoulder injuries. These can occur due to many causes, but slips and falls are likely causes. If you have ever been severely injured as a maritime worker, you may have filed a maritime claim. Depending on the circumstances of your case and the skill of your attorney, you probably received financial compensation. Financial compensation for a maritime accident is the responsibility of your employer. If you did not receive any compensation, chances are that you did not hire a maritime accident attorney to handle your case.

One seaman experienced a split-second accident and, as a result, suffered severe injuries. The seaman was given the task of handling a mooring line. His immediate supervisor was nearby and gave the seaman instructions. Suddenly, the line split and struck the seaman in the legs. His legs shattered and he fell on the deck, causing a skull fracture and bleeding of the brain. A maritime claim resulted from this horrible accident. The maritime attorneys in this case discovered several key facts, including the fact that the equipment the seaman was using was not appropriate for the task. It caused too much strain on the mooring line, making it split.

The severe injuries did not kill the seaman, but he did have a long road of recovery ahead of him. He deserved compensation for his lost wages and medical expenses. Negotiations began between the injured seaman and his employer. The skillful tactics of the maritime accident attorneys were successful. The defendant could not argue with the fact that the equipment was not appropriate. The defendant settled with the seaman for $1.5 million.

Without the experience and skill of the maritime accident attorneys, this injured seaman most likely would have had to settle for a much lower offer. However, the seaman did the right thing and hired an attorney that worked hard to get a fair settlement. If you, or someone you know, have been hurt in a split-second, maritime accident, let an experienced lawyer help you get the settlement you deserve.


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