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When a death occurs aboard a vessel, many people are affected. The family and loved ones of the deceased seaman are, of course, affected the most. However, the vessel owner, the vessel captain and all other crewmembers are affected. An investigation will be launched to determine the cause of death and fault. Witnesses will be interviewed extensively and the safety protocol of the vessel will be gone over with a fine-tooth comb. In many cases, the family of the deceased files a Jones Act accident claim. This can have a huge impact on the vessel owner. Since deaths affect so many people, you can expect a complicated process if you are the one filing a Jones Act accident claim.

This is when you hire an experienced Jones Act attorney to handle the claim. Jones Act accident claims involving the loss of a life often result in large settlements or awards. Without experienced legal counsel, you stand to lose a lot of money because those at fault will offer low-ball amounts in efforts to save money. In a recent Jones Act accident claim, the family of a deceased cook filed against another vessel that caused the accident that claimed the cook’s life. The at-fault vessel was a coal carrier that weighed about 50,000 tons. This carrier struck the vessel upon which the cook was employed. The cook drowned because of this accident. The carrier was at fault because it had missing lights that made it hard to see it in the dark.

The family of the deceased seaman hired an experienced Jones Act attorney to handle the claim. With skilled bargaining tactics, the attorney garnered a settlement of $5 million for the Jones Act accident claim. The money will not bring the seaman back to her family. However, the money will provide for the family’s needs in the future. If someone in your immediate family has died in the maritime industry, contact a Jones Act attorney for legal help. You could be entitled to compensation for your loss.


When you experience a Jones Act accident in the maritime industry, you will probably be overwhelmed with the legal aspects of the incident. Once your injury has been reported to your employer, an investigation will be launched. The reason behind this investigation is that your employer wants to know exactly what happened and who was at fault. Your employer already knows that a Jones Act accident claim may be filed and they want to protect themselves from the get-go. The question remains – who is protecting you and your best interests?

One seaman found out who was protecting his best interests when he was injured on the job. The seaman was working aboard a vessel, helping load and unload cargo. When he was attaching a sling to a large crate, he fell onto the deck of the vessel, causing injuries to his back and neck. The injuries eventually required surgery. The seaman, understanding that he had a potential Jones Act accident claim on his hands, wasted no time contacting a Jones Act law firm. The more than qualified Jones Act attorney he retained filed the claim against the vessel owner.

The Jones Act attorney argued that the vessel should not have been loading and unloading cargo that particular day. The weather was bad and the waters very rough. This led to the vessel being an unstable working environment and caused the seaman to fall. Although the vessel owner tried to settle for less, the case was settled before trial for $750,000.

The seaman in this Jones Act claim did the right thing by contacting an attorney for advice. If you, or someone you know, have been injured aboard a vessel, follow his lead. Contact a Jones Act law firm for a consultation about your Jones Act accident. Having a qualified attorney handling your claim will help you obtain the financial relief that you need. Protecting your own best interests is exactly what your attorney will do.


Accidents that fall under the Jones Act are common occurrences. If you work in the maritime industry, there is a good chance that you will experience a Jones Act accident at some point in your career. It is a dangerous industry to work in. Anytime that you are injured on the job, legal advice from a Jones Act attorney should always be at the top of your to-do list. Financial compensation is often awarded to injured seamen. Jones Act accidents can involve complicate legal maneuvers and you need someone with experience “manning the wheel”.

An offshore worker recently experienced a Jones Act accident. While working on an oilrig, the seaman suffered an injury to his leg that caused significant nerve damage. The nerve damage was so severe that the seaman became partially disabled and still experiences frequent pain. After contacting a Jones Act attorney and filing a claim, the seaman’s employer did their best to avoid settling. Their attorneys argued that the Jones Act accident was the seaman’s fault. However, the seaman’s attorney presented expert testimony that proved otherwise. A settlement agreement was reached in the amount of $1.9 million.

Without the legal expertise of an experienced Jones Act attorney, this injured man may never have reached a fair settlement agreement. Thanks to his attorney, he now has the money to pay his medical expenses and support himself for the rest of his life. A professional handled his Jones Act accident and the resulting settlement demonstrates how important it is to let the experts do their job. If you, or someone you know, have been involved in a Jones Act accident, you could also be entitled to financial compensation. The amount of any potential settlement or award depends on the circumstances of your claim. Consult with a Jones Act attorney for advice about your case.


Working aboard a vessel can be a dangerous occupation. While it can be a rewarding experience, all seamen know the risks and prepare themselves for the unexpected. When the unexpected happens and you find yourself injured on the job, you could be entitled to financial compensation. Contacting an experienced Jones Act attorney is necessary to find out exactly what steps you need to take. You may be entitled to thousands of dollars, depending on the severity of your injury. Only a qualified attorney should advise you about filing a Jones Act accident claim.

One seaman injured aboard a vessel in the Gulf of Mexico understands the importance of seeking the advice of an experienced Jones Act attorney. The seaman suffered a Jones Act accident when a defective pulley malfunctioned, causing him to jerk his neck and shoulder. The seaman notified his employer of the injury but the issue was not addressed. Down the road a bit, the same seaman was sitting on a chair that was defective and it tipped over when the seas got rough. This incident caused his prior injury to worsen.

The seaman contacted a Jones Act law firm for advice. The experienced attorney that took his case knew that the prior injuries should have been treated, not ignored. A Jones Act accident claim was filed on behalf of the injured man and the case settled for $650,000. The defendant could not deny that the initial injury was reported. Since the employer chose not to seek treatment for the injured man, they were liable for his medical expenses and lost wages.

If you, or someone you know, work in the maritime industry, use caution to protect yourself while you work. If a Jones Act accident does happen, speaking with an experienced Jones Act attorney will help you understand your rights. A negligent employer should not be allowed to ignore accidents and injuries. Seek legal advice and let the professionals handle your claim.

An accident in the maritime industry is not an uncommon occurrence. As with all industries, there are risks when working aboard vessels or on docks and piers. Thousands of maritime workers are injured each year in a work-related accident. While many of these injuries are simple, many of them are also severe. The severe injuries are the ones that employers are most concerned with because a severe injury often means a maritime claim. Maritime attorneys are skilled at what they do – their job is to acquire a fair settlement or judgment for their client. Maritime law firms work for the client, not the employer. Any maritime worker injured on the job should contact an experienced maritime attorney ASAP for advice and help with their claim.

Offshore workers comprise a large portion of the maritime industry. Some of these workers work regular hours, home every night. Other workers are gone for days or weeks at a time before returning home. Accidents and injuries do not discriminate against offshore workers. These workers suffer many injuries every year. A recent maritime claim involved a maritime worker that fell down a flight of stairs. He was working on an oilrig platform at the time and when he tried to go down the stairs, he slipped. The fall resulted in an injury that ultimately required three surgeries to repair.

The worker hired an experienced maritime attorney to handle his claim against his employer. The maritime attorney was able to show that the stairway had no slip-protection and the handrail was not compliant with industry-standard regulations. These factors led to the worker’s fall and injury. The employer settled three weeks before trial for $770,000.

If you, or someone you know, work in the maritime industry, it is wise to have a maritime attorney in your address book. Accidents happen when you least expect them and you need an experienced maritime law firm to handle your potential claim.