JUNE 10, 2011 by Ogletree Abbott

When you experience a Jones Act accident in the maritime industry, you will probably be overwhelmed with the legal aspects of the incident. Once your injury has been reported to your employer, an investigation will be launched. The reason behind this investigation is that your employer wants to know exactly what happened and who was at fault. Your employer already knows that a Jones Act accident claim may be filed and they want to protect themselves from the get-go. The question remains – who is protecting you and your best interests?

One seaman found out who was protecting his best interests when he was injured on the job. The seaman was working aboard a vessel, helping load and unload cargo. When he was attaching a sling to a large crate, he fell onto the deck of the vessel, causing injuries to his back and neck. The injuries eventually required surgery. The seaman, understanding that he had a potential Jones Act accident claim on his hands, wasted no time contacting a Jones Act law firm. The more than qualified Jones Act attorney he retained filed the claim against the vessel owner.

The Jones Act attorney argued that the vessel should not have been loading and unloading cargo that particular day. The weather was bad and the waters very rough. This led to the vessel being an unstable working environment and caused the seaman to fall. Although the vessel owner tried to settle for less, the case was settled before trial for $750,000.

The seaman in this Jones Act claim did the right thing by contacting an attorney for advice. If you, or someone you know, have been injured aboard a vessel, follow his lead. Contact a Jones Act law firm for a consultation about your Jones Act accident. Having a qualified attorney handling your claim will help you obtain the financial relief that you need. Protecting your own best interests is exactly what your attorney will do.


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