JULY 27, 2011 by Ogletree Abbott

Sometimes, the only choice you have after a maritime accident is to seek legal counsel. Maritime law firms specialize in maritime law and will advise you on your rights and options. You may have to file a maritime claim against your employer to force financial compensation. After all, if your injury led to lost wages, medical expenses or permanent disability, you deserve to be compensated for these things. A Jones Act lawyer will assist you in seeking that compensation in court. Your attorney understands maritime law and will work hard to ensure your success in the court system.

A 63-year old seaman was employed on a barge in the Gulf of Mexico. As the seaman was being transferred from a tugboat to the barge in a crane basket, trouble struck. The basket became tangled up in equipment on the barge. The operator of the crane could not see the basket or the tangled situation. The operator kept lifting the basket up. Eventually, the basket broke loose from the tangled mess and when it did, it abruptly jerked upward. The motion was so intense that it threw the seaman right out of the basket and onto the deck below. The worker suffered various injuries to his back and ribs from the twenty-foot drop.
Like many other seaman before him, the worker went to an attorney that specialized in maritime accidents. A claim was filed against his employer. The worker’s injuries were not life-threatening and he was able to eventually return to work. The claim was resolved quickly and with minimal hassle. The employer settled out of court for $250,000. Even though this is not a terribly large amount, it was enough to cover medical expenses and lost wages. The seaman’s attorney worked hard to achieve a settlement that was fair and reasonable for the injuries.
If you, or someone you know, are in a similar situation, contact a maritime attorney for advice. Your injuries do not have to be severe or debilitating to require compensation. You do not have to be unable to work to qualify for compensation. If you are injured in a maritime accident, an attorney can and will help you seek a fair and just award or settlement.


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