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Step One: Hire a Jones Act Lawyer

When a maritime worker is hurt in a Jones Act accident, he or she may be tempted to negotiate a settlement with an employer alone.  This is a huge mistake.  Even the most generous, kind and trusted employer can quickly change sides when money is involved.  Jones Act lawyers acting solely on the behalf of the injured seaman will never put the employer’s needs first.  A seaman’s attorney will have only the best interests of the seaman at heart and will put forth every effort to garner a fair settlement or award.  Never blindly trust your employer to provide you with fair compensation – instead, turn to an experienced Jones Act accident lawyer for help.

In a recent Jones Act accident, a seaman was injured while working aboard a vessel.  The accident occurred under normal circumstances and completely caught the worker off-guard.  The man was attempting to cross a threshold when he tripped over an obstacle in his path.  The man took a tumble and the fall left him with various injuries.  These injuries included damage to his back, one of his knees and one of his ankles.  Although the injuries were not permanently debilitating, the seaman still missed an extended period of work.  That lost time at work was money lost and the seaman decided to speak with a Jones Act lawyer.

Step Two: A Jones Act Lawyer Takes your Case to Court

The Jones Act lawyer retained by the injured worker filed a claim against the employer.  The working environment was unsafe – after all, the obstacle should have never been left in the way of the threshold.  The employer was negligent because of the unsafe working environment.  A settlement could not be reached between the two parties.  The seaman’s attorney fearlessly took the case to court and argued for the financial justice the seaman deserved.  The skill and experience of the Jones Act lawyer was clear and the jury returned with a verdict of $625,000 for the injured worker.

Step Three: Jones Act Lawyer Gets Your Settlement

jones act settlementWhen you are hurt in a Jones Act accident, you need your own attorney battling for your rights. Your employer’s lawyers do not have your best interests in mind – they are concerned only with preventing the employer from possibly losing millions of dollars. Your Jones Act lawyer works for you and he or she will help you obtain the money you deserve for your injuries, lost wages and expenses.

Jones Act Accidents Affect You

Jones Act accidents affect millions of maritime workers every year. When a seaman is involved in an accident that causes injury, that seaman is entitled to legal representation under the Jones Act. While not every accident leads to injury, many do – these are the cases that need legal advice. Jones Act lawyers specialize in these types of accidents and they will work hard to seek fair compensation for their clients. Even when a claim has to go in front of a jury, a Jones Act lawyer will not rest until he or she has done everything in their power to achieve justice for the client.

Fishermen and the Jones Act

Fishing Vessel

Commercial fishermen are often the victims of Jones Act accidents. Recently, a clam fisherman suffered a severe injury to his hand while working aboard a fishing vessel. The Jones Act accident occurred when a line parted unexpectedly and caught the fisherman’s hand. The impact of the broken line left the man with two fractured fingers and he ultimately had to have the tip of one finger amputated. The fisherman went to a Jones Act law firm for advice. He knew that the accident was not his fault. He retained a talented attorney and a claim was filed against his employer.

The injured seaman’s attorney filed on the grounds of an unsafe working environment. The employer had an obligation to make sure that the lines were in good, working order. Because the employer failed to do this, a weakened line parted and left the worker with an injured hand. However, the man’s employer would not settle out of court, so the case went before a jury. The seaman’s attorney presented a strong case that clearly demonstrated the negligence of the employer. The jury returned with a verdict of $1 million for the injured fisherman.

Hire a Jones Act Attorney

If you, or someone you know, have been hurt in a Jones Act accident, follow the lead of this injured worker and talk to an attorney. If your employer was negligent, you could be entitled to financial compensation if you file a clam. Your Jones Act attorney will help you seek that compensation in court.

Never settle for less than what you deserve – let your attorney negotiate a settlement or take the claim to a jury if you’ve suffered from a Jones Act accident.

Jones Act Lawyers and Maritime Accidents

Jones Act Lawyers are here to help those in need. The next time you, or someone you know, suffers an injury while working aboard a vessel, keep in mind that you have rights under the Jones Act. Jones Act injuries happen all of the time and many of these unfortunate incidents wind up in court. Why? They wind up in court because injured employees stand up for their rights, including the right to certain forms of compensation. Maritime law protects workers by giving them the right to hire a Jones Act lawyer. Qualified Jones Act lawyers can help you make the choice to file a claim. So, if you are hurt on the job, exercise your rights and contact a Jones Act lawyer for advice.

Jones Act Lawyers Represent Everyone

While many Jones Act claims involve seaman, including fisherman and deckhands, the Jones Act covers other maritime workers. In a recent case, the injured party was a rescue diver. The diver had to jump from a helicopter in an attempt to perform a rescue. With no harness available for the jump, the diver had two choices – avoid the jump and leave the party in need to the waters or dive in without a safety harness. The rescue diver made the only choice he could make – he dove into the water and performed a daring rescue.

Jones Act Lawyers Represent Rescue Diver

Jones Act Lawyers – From Injury to Settlement

Unfortunately for the diver, being a hero was not without its price. The diver suffered a severe back injury from the jump out of the helicopter and into the rough waters. The injured man went to an admiralty law attorney and discussed his accident. The Jones Act Lawyer wasted no time in filing a claim on behalf of the injured diver. The claim cited unsafe working conditions and negligence because the diver did not have a safety harness to wear for the rescue. The Jones Act accident could have been avoided if the proper equipment had been provided. The case settled out of court for $1,050,000.

Regardless of what part of the maritime industry you work in, if you are hurt in a Jones Act accident, you need an attorney. Your Jones Act lawyer will fight for you in court, fearless and aggressive, never afraid to face your employer’s top-notch attorneys. If you want financial justice for you injuries, contact a law firm with reputable Jones Act Lawyers as soon as possible.

When dealing with a Jones Act accident claim, not only do you need a qualified attorney, you need one with experience. The Jones Act is a complex part of maritime law and Jones Act claims need to be handled by a lawyer that is an expert in his or her field. The best Jones Act attorneys can garner their clients’ settlements or awards in the thousands – even the millions. If you chose an inexperienced Jones Act attorney, you may not get the strongest legal representation you deserve. If you ever find yourself injured in a Jones Act accident, make the smart choice and choose an experienced attorney to handle your claim.
In a recent Jones Act claim, an injured seaman made the smart choice and retained a qualified attorney to help him. The seaman was employed as a deckhand aboard a barge. The Jones Act accident occurred as the deckhand attempted to perform some standard duties on the deck of the barge. While stacking some equipment, the seaman had to climb a ladder and tie the equipment down. The instability of the deck on the moving water and a ladder that was later found to be defective led to a fall. The fall caused a severe injury to the seaman, tearing the rotator cuff in his shoulder. Ultimately, the man had to have two corrective surgeries.
The injured deckhand went to a Jones Act accident attorney and a claim was filed. The injured man’s attorney stated that the employer had failed to provide a safe working environment. The reason behind this claim was that the Jones Act accident investigation proved that the ladder was old and defective. With a new ladder the injury could have been avoided. The seaman’s employer decided to settle the claim out of court for $415,000.
This seaman’s settlement, while not huge, was sufficient for the injury and the accident. Without the help of his experienced Jones Act lawyer, the seaman probably would have walked away empty-handed. If you, or someone you know, have been injured in a Jones Act accident, make your first call be to your attorney. You deserve compensation and a qualified Jones Act attorney will help you get exactly what you deserve.


Jones Act attorneys are skilled in the Jones Act and other maritime law. They are experts in their chosen field and specialize in helping injured seaman seek financial justice. Jones Act accidents are accidents that occur in the maritime industry and fall within the jurisdiction of the Jones Act. If you are ever hurt aboard a vessel upon which you are employed, you could have a potential Jones Act claim. The best way to determine what options you have is to speak with a qualified Jones Act attorney and let them advise you on the steps you need to take to be compensated.
When a seaman is killed in a Jones Act accident, it becomes the burden of the family to seek compensation. In a recent Jones Act accident, a seaman was working aboard a vessel that had stacks of steel slaps on board. The slabs had not been stacked properly and one stack of ten fell over on the seaman. He was killed almost instantly. The family of the deceased seaman sought the help of a Jones Act attorney. With the attorney’s help, a Jones Act claim for wrongful death was filed against the seaman’s employer.
The case was fairly open and shut. The employer could not deny that the death occurred due to the inappropriate stacking of the steel slabs. Rather than go to court and have a jury come back with an award that could possibly be more than the employer could afford, a settlement was reached. The final settlement for the family of the deceased seaman was for $3 million. Although this money will never bring the man back to his family, they now have some sort of justice for the loss of their loved one. More importantly, his children now have a secure financial future.
If you are the surviving family member of a deceased seaman, you could have a Jones Act claim on your hands. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident that led to the death, you could be entitled to compensation. Contact a Jones Act law firm and arrange for a consultation. Let the experience of your attorney help you seek the justice you deserve for your loss.


When you are hurt in a maritime accident on the open sea, you have rights. You have the right to appropriate medical care. You also have the right to hire a Jones Act lawyer. Hiring a maritime attorney is your way of ensuring that you have someone on your side, someone looking out for your best interests. Your employer can make as many empty promises as they want – an experienced maritime attorney can help make sure your employer is good on his or her word. You are not at the mercy of a greedy employer – you have the right to be compensated in a fair and just manner for your injuries and expenses.

One seaman recently went through an experience that proved to him that employers couldn’t always be trusted. The seaman suffered a severe shoulder injury aboard a vessel. The injury left the seaman unable to work for an extended period of time because he needed arthroscopic surgery. The seaman decided to file a maritime claim with the help of his own attorney. Shortly after the claim was filed, the seaman was fired from his job. The maritime attorney retained by the seaman jumped on this information. A settlement was not reached and the case went to trial.

The seaman’s attorney was able to prove that the dismissal of the seaman was done in retaliation to the filing of the maritime claim. The court decided in favor of the seaman for almost $700,000. Under maritime law, it is illegal for an employer to fire an employee because they file a claim against the employer. Maritime workers have the right to hire an attorney, file maritime claims and seek compensation. This worker’s attorney understood the law and the rights of maritime workers. This understanding paid off in the end in the form of a generous award.

If you, or someone you know, have been dismissed after an injury or filing a maritime claim, you could be entitled to even more compensation. Let your maritime accident attorney decide the best route to take to get you the money you deserve. Instead of being a pawn for your employer to toy with, your maritime lawyer will help you take back control of your life and your financial future.


Being the victim of a Jones Act accident cannot only be a painful situation, it can be a stressful situation, too. The stress can stem from an employer refusing to pay maintenance and cure. When an injured seaman cannot work and has no way to pay their expenses, things can quickly fall apart in the seaman’s life. Jones Act attorneys assist injured seaman in filing claims to recoup their losses. Jones Act claims help an injured seaman seek compensation for injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, and more. If you have doubts about filing a claim, speak with a Jones Act attorney for professional advice.

An offshore seaman was the victim of a recent Jones Act accident. The seaman was working on an offshore platform at the time of the accident. A crane malfunctioned and a large piece of the crane broke loose and swung toward the seaman. The piece struck the seaman and caused various back injuries, including fractured vertebrae. The injuries were quite severe and the seaman was unable to work while his body healed. He also had to undergo back surgery to repair some of the damage. The seaman decided to consult with a Jones Act law firm about the accident.

Under the advice of his Jones Act attorney, the seaman filed a claim against his employer. The attorney argued that the employer was negligent in the upkeep of the equipment. The crane should have been inspected and necessary repairs should have been made, repairs that would have prevented the piece from breaking loose. The seaman’s Jones Act attorney and the employer were able to reach a settlement agreement out of court for $725,000. The settlement covered the lost wages and medical expenses incurred by the seaman after the Jones Act accident.

When a Jones Act accident occurs, the best thing for you to do is seek advice from a qualified attorney. An experienced lawyer will help you obtain the financial compensation you deserve. It does not matter how big or small the accident is or how minor or severe your injuries are – if you are entitled to compensation, a Jones Act attorney can help you. Do the right thing and protect yourself by retaining an attorney for your case.

Jones Act accidents can be serious or minor accidents. These kinds of accidents can leave a seaman unable to return to work. They can cause a seaman to miss a few days of work and then return. No matter what the severity level of your Jones Act accident is, it is always a good idea to have your own attorney. With your own Jones Act lawyer, you will know that you have someone on your side, someone that is looking out for your best interests. After all, even the best employers can turn quite ugly when money is involved.

One recent Jones Act accident left a seaman unable to return to work. The seaman was working on a barge and, on the day of the accident, he was attempting to climb a ladder of a lock wall. Somehow, the seaman’s leg became trapped between the lock wall and the barge. His leg was crushed and, ultimately, the seaman had to have it amputated. This loss of limb left the worker unable to return to his former job, thus leaving him without any means of financial support for himself or his family.

The seaman wasted no time in contacting an experienced Jones Act attorney. He knew that he was entitled to compensation – after all, he lost his leg performing his job due to someone else’s mistake. The seaman’s attorney filed a Jones Act claim against the seaman’s employer. The employer did not want to risk going to trial because a verdict for the plaintiff could have resulted in a multi-million dollar award. The employer and the seaman’s Jones Act attorney negotiated a settlement for the injuries, lost wages, and future lost wages. The final settlement was for $1.5 million.

Anytime a Jones Act accident leads to a permanent disability, there should be no question that you need an attorney. When you have lost your only means of support, you deserve compensation, especially if the disability was the fault of your employer. If you, or someone you know, have been seriously hurt in a Jones Act accident, contact an experienced and trusted attorney. Your attorney will help you make the decision of filing a claim and your attorney will help you seek a fair settlement for your injuries.


Maritime accidents leave many seamen without a means of supporting themselves or their families. When a seaman is hurt in a maritime accident, he or she needs to seek the counsel of an experienced maritime attorney. The reason injured seamen need legal counsel is because they could have a claim against their employer. While this may not be the route they want to take, sometimes it is the only route available. Employers are not always understanding and supportive about paying lost wages and medical expenses. Maritime attorneys can help seamen get the financial compensation they need to survive.

When you work in the maritime industry, there are many times when you will depend on others to keep you safe. Maritime workers are a team when they are aboard a vessel. They must work together and follow safety rules to ensure that everyone is safe. When another worker fails to perform their duties right, it could lead to a maritime accident. One seaman was injured when another worker failed to do his job right. The seaman was working on a ladder while another crewmember was holding the ladder from below. The crewmember neglected to hold the ladder with a firm grip and the seaman on top fell off. The fall led to a fractured vertebra in the seaman’s back.

The painful injury left the seaman unable to work for quite some time. The worker sought the advice of a maritime attorney and a claim was filed. The employer did not attempt to go to trial – he knew that he was partially responsible for the accident because it was his employee that failed to adhere to the safety rules.
The maritime claim settled out of court for $775,000. The seaman now has the money to pay for his various medical expenses and to make up for the lost wages he suffered when he was unable to work.

When you are hurt in a maritime accident, the first call should be to an attorney. You deserve compensation for injuries, medical expenses and lost wages. Your employer has an obligation to you and an experience maritime attorney can help ensure that your employer meets that obligation. Do not take a risk with your financial future – let an experienced lawyer secure the compensation you need and deserve.

When you are a victim of a Jones Act accident, you may not know where to turn or what to do. You probably know that you have certain rights under the Jones Act, but unless you are an attorney, you may not know what those rights are or what steps to take to ensure you get fair compensation. This is when you need a Jones Act accident attorney. Attorneys that specialize in the Jones Act will assist you with your potential claim. An attorney will answer any questions you have and offer you advice about what you need to do next.

Many Jones Act accidents are severe and leave the worker permanently disabled. Permanent disability means the seaman has no way of earning the same income again. These types of cases definitely need a Jones Act attorney to handle the legal side of a financial claim. One seaman suffered such massive injuries on the job that he had both legs amputated above the knee and was left with brain damage. The seaman was working on an offshore rig at the time of the accident. This kind of tremendous accident required the man and his family to retain the services of a qualified Jones Act attorney for help.

Their attorney wasted no time in filing the Jones Act claim against the negligent employer. The accident was a result of defective equipment that did not operate the way it was supposed to operate. Had the equipment been inspected on a regular basis, the defective parts would have been found and the seaman would not have been injured. This particular Jones Act claim settled out of court for over $24 million. Having an experienced attorney arguing the case, proving key points and handling the negotiations made it possible for the seaman and his loved ones to receive such a large settlement. However, no amount of money will bring the man’s legs back or repair the damage to his brain.

If you, or someone you know, have been severely injured in a Jones Act accident, one of your first phone calls should be to an experienced law firm. You have rights under the Jones Act, rights that are in place to protect you and help you seek compensation. Do not leave your financial future in the hands of your employer. Take charge of your life and hire a qualified Jones Act attorney to handle your claim.