AUGUST 8, 2011 by Ogletree Abbott

Maritime accidents leave many seamen without a means of supporting themselves or their families. When a seaman is hurt in a maritime accident, he or she needs to seek the counsel of an experienced maritime attorney. The reason injured seamen need legal counsel is because they could have a claim against their employer. While this may not be the route they want to take, sometimes it is the only route available. Employers are not always understanding and supportive about paying lost wages and medical expenses. Maritime attorneys can help seamen get the financial compensation they need to survive.

When you work in the maritime industry, there are many times when you will depend on others to keep you safe. Maritime workers are a team when they are aboard a vessel. They must work together and follow safety rules to ensure that everyone is safe. When another worker fails to perform their duties right, it could lead to a maritime accident. One seaman was injured when another worker failed to do his job right. The seaman was working on a ladder while another crewmember was holding the ladder from below. The crewmember neglected to hold the ladder with a firm grip and the seaman on top fell off. The fall led to a fractured vertebra in the seaman’s back.

The painful injury left the seaman unable to work for quite some time. The worker sought the advice of a maritime attorney and a claim was filed. The employer did not attempt to go to trial – he knew that he was partially responsible for the accident because it was his employee that failed to adhere to the safety rules.
The maritime claim settled out of court for $775,000. The seaman now has the money to pay for his various medical expenses and to make up for the lost wages he suffered when he was unable to work.

When you are hurt in a maritime accident, the first call should be to an attorney. You deserve compensation for injuries, medical expenses and lost wages. Your employer has an obligation to you and an experience maritime attorney can help ensure that your employer meets that obligation. Do not take a risk with your financial future – let an experienced lawyer secure the compensation you need and deserve.

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