Why Should I Hire a Jones Act Lawyer ?

AUGUST 31, 2011 by Ogletree Abbott

Step One: Hire a Jones Act Lawyer

When a maritime worker is hurt in a Jones Act accident, he or she may be tempted to negotiate a settlement with an employer alone.  This is a huge mistake.  Even the most generous, kind and trusted employer can quickly change sides when money is involved.  Jones Act lawyers acting solely on the behalf of the injured seaman will never put the employer’s needs first.  A seaman’s attorney will have only the best interests of the seaman at heart and will put forth every effort to garner a fair settlement or award.  Never blindly trust your employer to provide you with fair compensation – instead, turn to an experienced Jones Act accident lawyer for help.

In a recent Jones Act accident, a seaman was injured while working aboard a vessel.  The accident occurred under normal circumstances and completely caught the worker off-guard.  The man was attempting to cross a threshold when he tripped over an obstacle in his path.  The man took a tumble and the fall left him with various injuries.  These injuries included damage to his back, one of his knees and one of his ankles.  Although the injuries were not permanently debilitating, the seaman still missed an extended period of work.  That lost time at work was money lost and the seaman decided to speak with a Jones Act lawyer.

Step Two: A Jones Act Lawyer Takes your Case to Court

The Jones Act lawyer retained by the injured worker filed a claim against the employer.  The working environment was unsafe – after all, the obstacle should have never been left in the way of the threshold.  The employer was negligent because of the unsafe working environment.  A settlement could not be reached between the two parties.  The seaman’s attorney fearlessly took the case to court and argued for the financial justice the seaman deserved.  The skill and experience of the Jones Act lawyer was clear and the jury returned with a verdict of $625,000 for the injured worker.

Step Three: Jones Act Lawyer Gets Your Settlement

jones act settlementWhen you are hurt in a Jones Act accident, you need your own attorney battling for your rights. Your employer’s lawyers do not have your best interests in mind – they are concerned only with preventing the employer from possibly losing millions of dollars. Your Jones Act lawyer works for you and he or she will help you obtain the money you deserve for your injuries, lost wages and expenses.

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