AUGUST 19, 2011 by Ogletree Abbott

Jones Act attorneys are skilled in the Jones Act and other maritime law. They are experts in their chosen field and specialize in helping injured seaman seek financial justice. Jones Act accidents are accidents that occur in the maritime industry and fall within the jurisdiction of the Jones Act. If you are ever hurt aboard a vessel upon which you are employed, you could have a potential Jones Act claim. The best way to determine what options you have is to speak with a qualified Jones Act attorney and let them advise you on the steps you need to take to be compensated.
When a seaman is killed in a Jones Act accident, it becomes the burden of the family to seek compensation. In a recent Jones Act accident, a seaman was working aboard a vessel that had stacks of steel slaps on board. The slabs had not been stacked properly and one stack of ten fell over on the seaman. He was killed almost instantly. The family of the deceased seaman sought the help of a Jones Act attorney. With the attorney’s help, a Jones Act claim for wrongful death was filed against the seaman’s employer.
The case was fairly open and shut. The employer could not deny that the death occurred due to the inappropriate stacking of the steel slabs. Rather than go to court and have a jury come back with an award that could possibly be more than the employer could afford, a settlement was reached. The final settlement for the family of the deceased seaman was for $3 million. Although this money will never bring the man back to his family, they now have some sort of justice for the loss of their loved one. More importantly, his children now have a secure financial future.
If you are the surviving family member of a deceased seaman, you could have a Jones Act claim on your hands. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident that led to the death, you could be entitled to compensation. Contact a Jones Act law firm and arrange for a consultation. Let the experience of your attorney help you seek the justice you deserve for your loss.


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