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SEPTEMBER 24, 2011 by Ogletree Abbott

You Deserve A Qualified Jones Act Lawyer

When you need a Jones Act lawyer, you need the best – you deserve the best.  After being hurt in a work-related accident, the last thing you want to worry about is dealing with your employer.  Your attorney will handle everything for you – from filing the claim to negotiating a possible settlement.  While you may think you are alone, you are not – your attorney will be your voice in and out of the courtroom, helping to garner you the settlement or award you deserve.  Instead of fighting alone, let an experienced Jones Act lawyer fight for you.

Have a Jones Act Lawyer Fight for You

One offshore worker knows what it means to have a Jones Act lawyer fighting for you.  W. Roth was working on an offshore platform when he was hurt on the job.  Mr. Roth was walking on the platform when he fell through the grating.  The fall left him with severe trauma to the brain that resulted in memory loss.  With the help of his family, Mr. Roth contacted a Jones Act lawyer for help.  The attorney quickly determined that the injured worker had a case and a claim was filed against the employer.

Jones Act LawyerA Great Jones Act Lawyer Will Negotiate A Large Settlement

Mr. Roth’s Jones Act lawyer cited an unsafe working environment as the cause of the severe brain injury.  The employer had failed to maintain the platform in working order – the grating was old and broken in several places.  It posed a threat to all of the offshore workers.  Mr. Roth was just the unlucky worker that was on the grating when it decided to break.  The employer decided to settle out of the courtroom.  Mr. Roth’s Jones Act lawyer negotiated a settlement for $7.2 million for lost wages, future lost wages and medical expenses.  Mr. Roth’s family now has the means to provide for the seaman’s needs since the accident left him unable to return to work.

If you, or someone you know, have been hurt in the maritime industry, you know what you need to do.  You need to contact a Jones Act lawyer for legal advice.  You have rights and your attorney will help you exercise these rights.  With an experienced Jones Act lawyer on your side, you will never have to worry about fighting for your rights alone – your Jones Act Lawyer will fight with you and for you.

*Names and locations have been changed to protect privacy.

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