Deckhand Slips and Hires a Jones Act Lawyer

SEPTEMBER 9, 2011 by Ogletree Abbott

A Jones Act Lawyer and Jones Act Law

A Jones Act lawyer specializes in Jones Act law.  These lawyers are educated and practiced in dealing with Jones Act claims.  A Jones Act claim results from injuries sustained in Jones Act accidents.  For example, if you fall and break your leg while working aboard a fishing vessel as a deckhand, that is considered to be a Jones Act accident.  It is important to remember that you do not have to work on a vessel to be considered a Jones Act worker.  There are many areas in the industry that fall under Jones Act law.  If you are hurt on the job, the best thing for you to do is contact a Jones Act lawyer for advice.

Jones Act Lawyer Files as Claim

A deckhand was recently hurt in a Jones Act accident aboard a barge.  The worker suffered a knee injury after he slipped on the slippery deck surface.  The knee injury involved the ACL, a vital ligament in the knee, which was torn.  The injured deckhand decided to seek the advice of a qualified Jones Act lawyer.  The worker felt that the accident was not his fault.  As it turned out, his lawyer agreed with him and filed a Jones Act claim against the worker’s employer.  The claim cited an unsafe working environment and unseaworthiness of the vessel.

Jones Act Lawyer Get the Verdict

The employer did not agree with the injured seaman’s claim.  The employer did not want to take responsibility for the slippery deck that resulted in the man’s fall and injury.  Since a settlement could not be reached, this particular case went to court.  The seaman’s lawyer presented a powerful case, one that convinced the jury of the employer’s negligence.  The jury returned with a verdict of $1 million in favor of the injured deckhand.  The success of this case hinged on the talent and perseverance of the skilled Jones Act lawyer – a lawyer that was not afraid to go to trial and was ready to fight for the rights of the seaman.

If you, or someone you know, have been hurt in a Jones Act accident, your first phone call should be to a Jones Act lawyer.  You need an lawyer with skill and experience when you are dealing with a Jones Act claim.  The expertise of your lawyer will show when he or she fearlessly argues for your right to compensation in court.


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