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SEPTEMBER 28, 2011 by Ogletree Abbott

Jones Act LawyerGet Money Back by Hiring a Jones Act Lawyer


Being hurt on the job is never fun.  Injuries can cause you to lose money if you are unable to work – money that your employer will most likely not want to pay back.  By hiring a Jones Act lawyer, you can get that money back by filing a claim against your employer.  Your lawyer will assist you in seeking the money you deserve – not only for lost wages, but also for medical expenses, pain and suffering.  If you are ever hurt in the maritime industry, contact a Jones Act lawyer for advice as soon as possible.  It could mean the difference between financial justice and injustice.


Get the Justice You Deserve with a Jones Act Lawyer

J. Lancing, a seaman aboard a Louisiana fishing boat, got his financial justice with the help of his Jones Act lawyer.  Mr. Lancing was making repairs on an upper level of the fishing boat at the time of his accident.  Mr. Lancing was on a ladder that was old and weak.  As he attempted to step down the ladder, one of the rungs broke and Mr. Lancing fell several feet to the deck below.  The fall resulted in a back and neck injury that left Mr. Lancing in severe pain and unable to work.  During his extended recovery period, Mr. Lancing consulted with an experienced Jones Act lawyer about his accident.  A claim was filed and his lawyer began preparing the case.

Jones Act Lawyer Helps Gain a 1.2 Million Dollar Settlement

Mr. Lancing’s Jones Act lawyer discovered that the ladder did not meet safety standards.  The employer should have discarded the ladder a long time ago – having it aboard the vessel for crewmembers to use was an accident waiting to happen.  Mr. Lancing’s Jones Act lawyer was able to negotiate a settlement for the injuries.  The final amount given to Mr. Lancing was $1.2 million.  The settlement also gave Mr. Lancing the money he needed to cover the cost of surgery that would attempt to repair the damage caused by the fall.

If you, or someone you know, have been hurt because of a fall, contact a Jones Act lawyer for advice.  Depending on the circumstances surrounding your accident, you could be entitled to financial compensation.  A qualified Jones Act lawyer can help you file your claim and seek your own financial justice from your employer.

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