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Jones Act Lawyer Gets Justice

Hiring a Jones Act lawyer is your first step towards financial justice.  When you are hurt in a Jones Act accident, you need someone to turn to, someone on your side.  A Jones Act lawyer is that person. Jones Act lawyers work for their client, not for the employer.  Without an experienced lawyer, your employer will have free reign to treat you unfairly – even deny you your right to compensation.  Your lawyer will ensure that you are treated with respect and dignity, as well as help you get the money you deserve.  Make the first step for yourself and contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

Death at Sea and a Jones Act Lawyer’s Role

When a seaman is killed at sea, there is a definite need for a Jones Act lawyer.  Without someone to be the voice of the deceased, without someone to fight for the rights of the surviving family, the death would have no justice.  In a recent wrongful death claim, J. Thompkins, a barge captain from New York, lost his life while performing his job.  An explosion in the engine room of the barge Thompkins captained killed the seaman instantly.  Suffering with the loss of their loved one, Thompkins’ family decided to speak with a Jones Act lawyer about a possible wrongful death lawsuit.

A Jones Act Lawyer Makes Sure You’re Compensated

The Jones Act lawyer determined that the family did have a case.  The claim was filed on behalf of Thompkins’ surviving family members.  The wrongful death claim discussed the fact that the explosion was the result of defective machinery.  Without proper maintenance, the explosion was inevitable – therefore, Thompkins’ employer, A. Howard, was negligent in maintaining the machinery and responsible for the death.  Howard decided to negotiate a settlement with the family and Jones Act lawyer for an amount of $3 million.jones act lawyer

Thompkins left behind a wife and two children.  With the wrongful death settlement, this family now has a means of financial support.  If you are the surviving family member of a seaman killed on the job, contact a Jones Act lawyer for assistance.  Depending on the circumstances of the death, you could be entitled to compensation.  Your Jones Act lawyer will help you seek justice in the courtroom for the loss of your loved one.

*Names and locations have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved.

Why Do I Need a Jones Act Lawyer?

Being hurt on the job means having a Jones Act lawyer ready to help you. Jones Act accidents often result in claims against employers. If an employer is negligent, then they have an obligation to compensate the injured party. This compensation can include lost wages, future lost wages, medical expenses, and more. Only an experienced Jones Act lawyer can help you garner the fairest settlement or award. Choose an inexperienced lawyer and you risk walking away with a minimal amount – or even nothing. Choose a lawyer that knows the law and is willing to fight for you in court.

A Jones Act Lawyer Takes the Case

R. J. Putt was a deckhand aboard a vessel when he suffered a severe hip injury. Mr. Putt was not involved in actual working duties at the time of his injury. However, he was doing something that he was asked to do by the captain. Mr. Putt was moving some weights from one room to another on the vessel. The weights were kept on the vessel as a form of recreation for the crew. As Mr. Putt was walking down a stairway with the weights, he tripped over an obstacle on the stairs. The fall left him with a broken hip and Mr. Putt immediately contacted his Jones Act lawyer. The Jones Act lawyer advised him to file a claim.

The Beauty of an Experienced Jones Act Lawyer

The claim cited an unsafe working environment. While Mr. Putt was not actually working, he was performing a task the captain asked him to perform. The stairway was unsafe for all crewmembers, regardless of whether they were on duty or not – the obstacle was clearly a fall hazard. Mr. Putt’s Jones Act lawyer presented a strong case of negligence and his employer decided to settle. jones act lawyerThe employer and Mr. Putt’s Jones Act lawyer negotiated a settlement for $150,000. Mr. Putt received necessary medical care and eventually returned to work.

If you, or someone you know, have suffered a broken bone because of an accident, contact a Jones Act lawyer. You need legal help when dealing with a personal injury, especially in the Jones Act industry. Your Jones Act lawyer will help you file your claim, negotiate a settlement, or fight for your compensation in court. You do not have to face the stress and worry alone – your experienced Jones Act lawyer will help you every step of the way.


*Names and locations changed to protect privacy.

Role of a Jones Act Lawyer

When you are hurt on the job, your employer may try to convince you to agree to certain things. For instance, your employer might offer you a small sum of money in exchange for your agreement to not file a claim. This is when you need a Jones Act lawyer for advice. A Jones Act lawyer works for you and will help you understand any offers your employer makes. In many cases, your lawyer will advise you not to sign any documents and they will help you file a claim. You deserve fair compensation for your injuries – not a meager amount – and your Jones Act lawyer can help you get it.

M. Yaglow Hires a Jones Act Lawyer

Understanding your rights is an important part of a being a seaman. You have to know what you will do in the event of an accident and injury. M. Yaglow was a crewmember aboard a vessel outside of Louisiana when he suffered an injury. Mr. Yaglow knew his rights and wasted no time in contacting a Jones Act lawyer for help. Mr. Yaglow was injured when he was assigned the task of cleaning in the small kitchen area of the vessel. He had to climb on top of a counter to clean behind a coffee machine. Mr. Yaglow stepped on a glass and lost his balance, falling onto a stack of coffee cup racks. After the accident, he was in so much pain that he could not move. Although his employer sent him for treatment, nothing was discovered until he sought his own treatment.

A Jones Act Lawyer Can Get You Settlement

jones act lawyerMr. Yaglow’s doctor discovered a herniated disc that required surgery. Mr. Yaglow contacted a Jones Act lawyer about his case. A claim was filed against the employer for negligence. Mr. Yaglow’s Jones Act lawyer argued that his client should not have been told to climb on the counter to clean behind the coffee machine. This was clearly an unsafe position to be in and it led to the injury. The employer decided to settle the case for almost $200,000. Mr. Yaglow and his Jones Act lawyer were satisfied with the settlement.

If you, or someone you know, have been injured on the job, make that phone call to a Jones Act lawyer. You do not have to suffer in pain just because your employer’s doctors do not find the source of your pain. You have the right to seek your own treatment and your lawyer can help you. Let an experienced Jones Act lawyer help you garner the settlement or award you deserve, as well as the appropriate treatment.


*Names and locations changed to protect privacy.

Being Prepared – The Jones Act Lawyer and You

Being prepared is important when you work in the maritime industry – part of being prepared is having a Jones Act lawyer.  You do not have to hire an lawyer as a safeguard, but it is useful to know which lawyer you will retain in the event of an accident.  Jones Act lawyers are plentiful, so you need to do your research before making a decision.  However, you rest assured that as long as you choose a reputable lawyer, you will get the best legal representation possible.  When you are fighting for financial compensation, you NEED the best on your side.

jones act lawyerB. Leonard was employed as deckhand aboard a tugboat.  Leonard had been a deckhand for several years – he was experienced in performing his duties.  On what should have been a regular day, Leonard was given orders to pull a connected line in toward the tugboat.  In normal conditions, this task would have been done with the help of machinery. Unfortunately, Leonard was offered no equipment to help him with the task – the equipment was being used by another employee and Leonard’s immediate supervisor did not want Leonard to wait.  Leonard had no choice but to attempt to pull the line manually.  He and another deckhand heaved on the line several times.  The strain on Leonard’s back was too much and he suffered an injury.

Contacting a Jones Act Lawyer

After seeking treatment and finding out that he had suffered a herniated disc, Leonard contacted a Jones Act lawyer for advice.  The Jones Act lawyer filed a claim against the owner of the tugboat.  The claim was clear – Leonard should have had mechanical assistance in retrieving the line.  Because the employer was negligent by not giving Leonard the needed equipment to perform his job, the employer was responsible for his injuries.  The Jones Act lawyer for Leonard had no trouble putting together a solid case, one that the employer could not deny.  Leonard’s Jones Act lawyer and the owner of the tugboat reached a settlement agreement for $450,000.

A Jones Act Lawyer Gets What You Deserve

When a seaman is hurt on the job, Jones Act lawyers are their voices in court.  By hiring a qualified, experienced Jones Act lawyer, you are standing up for your rights as an injured seaman.  Never back down from an aggressive employer – instead, let your Jones Act lawyer be your voice and your voice will be heard.

A Jones Act Lawyer and Jones Act Law

A Jones Act lawyer specializes in Jones Act law.  These lawyers are educated and practiced in dealing with Jones Act claims.  A Jones Act claim results from injuries sustained in Jones Act accidents.  For example, if you fall and break your leg while working aboard a fishing vessel as a deckhand, that is considered to be a Jones Act accident.  It is important to remember that you do not have to work on a vessel to be considered a Jones Act worker.  There are many areas in the industry that fall under Jones Act law.  If you are hurt on the job, the best thing for you to do is contact a Jones Act lawyer for advice.

Jones Act Lawyer Files as Claim

A deckhand was recently hurt in a Jones Act accident aboard a barge.  The worker suffered a knee injury after he slipped on the slippery deck surface.  The knee injury involved the ACL, a vital ligament in the knee, which was torn.  The injured deckhand decided to seek the advice of a qualified Jones Act lawyer.  The worker felt that the accident was not his fault.  As it turned out, his lawyer agreed with him and filed a Jones Act claim against the worker’s employer.  The claim cited an unsafe working environment and unseaworthiness of the vessel.

Jones Act Lawyer Get the Verdict

The employer did not agree with the injured seaman’s claim.  The employer did not want to take responsibility for the slippery deck that resulted in the man’s fall and injury.  Since a settlement could not be reached, this particular case went to court.  The seaman’s lawyer presented a powerful case, one that convinced the jury of the employer’s negligence.  The jury returned with a verdict of $1 million in favor of the injured deckhand.  The success of this case hinged on the talent and perseverance of the skilled Jones Act lawyer – a lawyer that was not afraid to go to trial and was ready to fight for the rights of the seaman.

If you, or someone you know, have been hurt in a Jones Act accident, your first phone call should be to a Jones Act lawyer.  You need an lawyer with skill and experience when you are dealing with a Jones Act claim.  The expertise of your lawyer will show when he or she fearlessly argues for your right to compensation in court.


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Jones Act Attorneys Know The Drill

When you are hurt in a Jones Act accident, you might be afraid to seek legal advice from a Jones Act lawyer.  You could be afraid of being terminated.  This is all the more reason to speak with a Jones Act lawyer.  You have the right to an attorney, among many other rights, and your attorney will help you understand all of them.  Your employer cannot fire you for seeking help from a Jones Act lawyer.  If your injuries cause you to incur medical expenses and/or miss work, you deserve to be compensated for those expenses and that time.  Let your attorney show you how to get that compensation.

R. Martinez Hires a Jones Act Attorney

R. Martinez* was recently involved in a Jones Act claim.  Martinez was employed aboard a barge as a deckhand.  While performing routine duties aboard the barge, Martinez was near another crewmember who was attempting to repair some equipment.  An explosion occurred and Martinez, being close to the source of the explosion, suffered various burns over much of his body.  The burns were of all degrees – some first degree, some second degree and some were even third degree burns.  Martinez was hospitalized for an extended period of time.  During his stay, he contacted a Jones Act lawyerfor legal advice.

Mr. Martinez Receives Settlement

The Jones Act lawyer decided to file a claim against the employer, J. K. Stephens.  Stephens denied any responsibility for the accident or the resulting injuries.  A settlement was not an option, so the case went to trial.  The Jones Act lawyer hired by Martinez presented evidence that Stephens was partially responsible for the accident by not providing a safe working environment.  The repairs that led to the explosion should not have been attempted aboard the barge.  The equipment should have been moved to a safe area on land for repairs.  The jury returned with an award of over $500,000 for Martinez.

The award served as compensation for the medical expenses and lost wages incurred by Martinez.  With the help of his experienced Jones Act lawyer, Martinez now has the ability to pay his debts.  If you, or someone you know, have been injured in the maritime industry, waste no time in contacting a Jones Act lawyer.  Your lawyer is your link to a fair settlement or award.  Without a good lawyer, you could be left with no compensation at all for your injuries.


*Names and locations have been changed out of respect for privacy.

A Jones Act Lawyer Can Help You

Maritime workers understand that their jobs entail a certain amount of risk, and that a time may come when they’ll need a Jones Act lawyer.  While workers and employers can take every precaution to ensure safety, Jones Act accidents still occur.  When you are hurt in a Jones Act accident, you should always practice your right to an attorney.  Even if your employer promises to take care of your needs, you still need your own attorney.  Things can turn quite ugly when there is money involved and  Jones Act lawyerwill work to make sure you get fair compensation. Instead of leaving your fate in the hands of your employer, speak with a lawyer as soon as possible.

Hiring a Jones Act Lawyer and Filing a Claim

Jones Act LawyerIn a recent Jones Act claim, a vessel captain was the injured party.  The captain was hurt in not one, but two separate accidents.  The first accident left him with only minor injuries and the captain chose not to file a claim.  However, a subsequent Jones Act accident not only caused new injuries, it aggravated the old injury, leaving the captain unable to work.  The captain ended up having hernia surgery and a complete knee replacement, all because of the two accidents.  This time, the injured man went to a Jones Act lawyer for help. The attorney wasted no time in filing a Jones Act claim against the employer.  The first accident was not properly addressed – the captain did not receive appropriate medical care.  The second accident may not have been so severe if the injured captain had gotten the right treatment.  After several attempts at negotiating a settlement, the two parties finally came to an agreement.  The injured worker’s attorney worked hard to obtain the best settlement for his client.  The final settlement was for $450,000.  The settlement covered the captain’s medical expenses, as well as his lost wages.

It’s Important to Seek Counsel From a Jones Act Lawyer

If you, or someone you know, have been hurt on the job in the maritime industry, you have the right to an attorney.  By hiring a Jones Act lawyer for your claim, you will have the best chance at getting the money you deserve – and you do deserve compensation for your injuries.  Let your Jones Act lawyers work for you and fight for your right to a fair settlement or award.