Jones Act Attorney Gets Million Dollar Settlement for Injured Worker

OCTOBER 26, 2011 by Ogletree Abbott

Choose an Experienced Jones Act Attorney

When you are in need of a Jones Act attorney, the number of attorneys available may overwhelm you. It is true that there is no shortage of maritime lawyers. However, just because someone has a law degree does not mean he or she will be successful with your case. When you are choosing a Jones Act attorney, it is important to research the reputation of potential lawyers. You want a lawyer that has a solid track record for winning cases. You want an attorney that has courtroom experience. You want an attorney that is willing to fight for your right to compensation.

Jones Act Attorney Garners Settlement for Frostbite

H. Michael was working aboard a processing vessel when she had a need for a Jones Act attorney. Ms. Michael was working in the freezer hold of the vessel. She began experiencing pain in her feet. Although she repeatedly complained about the pain, she was not given medical attention or moved to a different location. As the pain increased, she was finally given medical attention, only to discover that she had frostbite. The medic aboard the vessel did not send her to shore – instead, she was told to rest. After ten days, she finally got treatment for the frostbite. However, since it had been so long, the frostbite led to gangrene and Ms. Michael had several toes amputated. She hired a Jones Act attorney to help her.

Ms. Michael’s Jones Act attorney filed a claim of negligence. It was clear that Ms. Michael had not received proper medical care. She should have been immediately taken to shore as soon as the frostbite was discovered. Had she received care soon enough, she would not have lost her toes. Ms. Michael’s Jones Act attorney was able to negotiate a settlement rather quickly with her employer. The final settlement amount was for over $1 million.

Exercise Your Rights and Hire a Jones Act Attorney

If you, or someone you know, have been denied proper medical care while working aboard a vessel, call a Jones Act attorney for advice. You could be entitled to compensation if your employer was negligent. Do not be afraid to exercise your right to a lawyer. Let your Jones Act attorney determine if you have a case and help you get fair compensation.

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