Jones Act Lawyer Garners Settlement for Lost Limbs

OCTOBER 24, 2011 by Ogletree Abbott

Have a Successful Claim with a Qualified Jones Act Lawyer

Finding a good Jones Act lawyer is paramount to the success of your financial claim. You already know that there are thousands of lawyers waiting for your business. However, only a qualified attorney that specializes in the Jones Act should represent you in court. Take your time in choosing an attorney – but do not take so long that you miss your window of opportunity to file a claim. The best thing you can do for your own peace of mind is to choose a Jones Act lawyer today. Do not wait for an injury to happen or you might find yourself stuck with an inexperienced attorney.

Jones Act Lawyer Helps Injured Processor Seek Compensation

D. Locke was employed as a processor when she had to find a good Jones Act lawyer. Ms. Locke was involved in an injury that left her with a permanent disability. Ms. Locke was assigned the task of cleaning a large piece of machinery. Ms. Locke was told to leave the machinery running while she sprayed it with a hose – this was supposed to save time. Ms. Locke’s jacket sleeve was caught in the machinery. With no emergency shut-off switch, she could do nothing but scream. By the time another worker turned the machinery off, Ms. Locke’s arm had been pulled into the machinery. She lost part of her hand and her forearm. With the help of a Jones Act lawyer, she filed a claim.

The Jones Act lawyer for Ms. Locke filed the claim on the grounds that the environment was not safe and that the employer had been negligent. The negligence was clear – the machinery should have been shut down before cleaning. By telling Ms. Locke to leave the machinery running, the supervisor had made the environment unsafe. Ms. Locke’s Jones Act lawyer and her employer negotiated a settlement. The final amount was for $2.4 million.

Let Your Jones Act Lawyer Help You

If you, or someone you know, have lost a limb due to a maritime accident, contact a Jones Act lawyer for advice. When an employer is negligent, you need a good attorney to help you seek financial justice. Ms. Locke made the right choice when she hired an experienced attorney. Her attorney was able to get her a fair settlement for her injuries. Your Jones Act lawyer can do the same for you.

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