Jones Act Lawyer Gets Texas Seaman Million Dollar Settlement

OCTOBER 19, 2011 by Ogletree Abbott

Have a Jones Act Lawyer in Your Corner

When you are employed as a seaman, at some point in your career, you could need a Jones Act lawyer. Job-related injuries happen frequently in the maritime industry. Having a good attorney in your speed dial is one of the best ways to prepare for the unexpected. While you may decide not to file a claim against your employer, if a claim is needed, then an attorney is a must. Even the best employers may attempt some shady tactics when it comes to money. With the right Jones Act lawyer on your side and in your corner, your employer will not be able to take advantage of you.

Deckhand Gets Help from Jones Act Lawyer after Back Injury

M. Hamel, a Texas deckhand, knows why having a Jones Act lawyer is a must. Mr. Hamel was working on a barge when he suffered a debilitating injury. Mr. Hamel was ordered to lift an anchor on the day of the accident. Although this was a normal task for him to perform, at the time, the barge was under tow. Mr. Hamel tried to point out this fact to his captain – but his concerns were ignored. When Mr. Hamel attempted to lift the anchor, the strain against the anchor was too much and he injured his back. With a Jones Act lawyer helping him, a claim was filed against his employer.

Mr. Hamel’s Jones Act lawyer had no trouble demonstrating negligence. The captain should have known that lifting the anchor while the barge was under tow was the wrong thing to do. Mr. Hamel had no choice but to attempt the task because he feared that he would lose his job if he did not do it. The result – a back injury that removed Mr. Hamel from the maritime industry. The employer avoided a trial by negotiating a settlement with Mr. Hamel’s Jones Act lawyer. The final amount was for $1.3 million.

Take the First Step and Contact a Jones Act Lawyer Today

If you, or someone you know, have been hurt aboard a vessel, contact a Jones Act lawyer for help. You could be entitled to compensation and your attorney can help you get it. You will never know unless you try – what do you have to lose by contacting a Jones Act lawyer for advice? Take the first step towards financial justice and schedule a consultation now.

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