Jones Act Lawyer Seeks Compensation for Head Injury

OCTOBER 16, 2011 by Ogletree Abbott

Win Your Financial Claim with a Jones Act Lawyer

Your Jones Act lawyer is one of the most important factors you have in winning your financial claim. After a job-related injury, there is a good chance you could be entitled to financial compensation. To seek that compensation, you have to file a claim against your employer. This is where your attorney comes in – he or she will file the claim for you, build a strong case and argue your case in court. Since maritime law is complicated, you must use your best judgment in choosing an attorney. You need an experienced, reputable Jones Act lawyer to handle this job.

Jones Act Lawyer Helps Frisbee-Playing Seaman

Even when an accident may not seem to be the responsibility of your employer, you could still be entitled to compensation. M. Harvard was employed as a deckhand aboard a Louisiana barge. During some downtime on the barge, Mr. Harvard and two other crewmembers were playing Frisbee inside the empty barge. Mr. Harvard slipped and fell, striking his head on the side of the barge. The fall resulted in a closed head injury. Mr. Harvard sought treatment and was diagnosed with a concussion and bruising of the brain. He was off work for about two weeks. Even after he returned to work, he still suffered from headaches and occasional blurred vision. Mr. Harvard discussed his case with a Jones Act lawyer and a claim was filed.

The fault of the accident did not lie solely with the employer. However, Mr. Harvard’s Jones Act lawyer was able to show that the area where Mr. Harvard slipped was supposed to be covered in a non-slip surfacing. The area was situated in such a manner that it could easily become wet – the lack of non-slip surfacing made it a danger to all employees. The employer and Mr. Harvard’s Jones Act lawyer negotiated a settlement of $200,000 for lost wages and medical expenses.

Let Your Jones Act Lawyer Seek Your Rightful Compensation

If you find yourself the victim of a maritime accident, contact a Jones Act lawyer. Even if you feel that you are responsible for the accident, you could still be entitled to compensation. Only a qualified Jones Act lawyer will be able to tell you your options. Instead of just dealing with the financial struggle brought on by your accident, let a Jones Act lawyer help you seek compensation.

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