Jones Act Lawyer Seeks Settlement for Loss of Thumb

OCTOBER 27, 2011 by Ogletree Abbott

You Never Know When You Will Need a Jones Act Lawyer

As a seaman, you never know when you will need a Jones Act lawyer. When you are hurt on the job, there are many instances where you could be entitled to financial compensation. When an employer is negligent, they have a responsibility to compensate you for injuries incurred due to that negligence. Having an attorney is your best route to getting the money you deserve. If you are ever involved in a maritime accident that leaves you hurt and unable to work, discuss your case with an experienced attorney. Your Jones Act lawyer can help you seek the money you need and deserve.

Jones Act Lawyer Helps Louisiana Deckhand

K. Darren was employed as a deckhand on a tugboat out of Louisiana. Mr. Darren had been working on tugboats for many years – he was an experienced seaman. Yet, he still needed a Jones Act lawyer when he was hurt on the job. Mr. Darren was injured when a crane operator dropped a crane boom on his hand. The impact from the boom severed his thumb from his hand. Mr. Darren contact a Jones Act lawyer for advice and a claim was filed. The claim cited unsafe working conditions and negligence on behalf of the employer.

Mr. Darren’s Jones Act lawyer was easily able to demonstrate the unsafe working conditions and negligence. The employer was negligent because the crane operator had failed to properly operate the crane. The working environment was unsafe because Mr. Darren should not have been expected to work in such close proximity to the moving crane. All of these factors led to the employer being responsible for the accident. Mr. Darren’s Jones Act lawyer was able to negotiate a fair settlement. The final settlement amount was for $2.2 million – compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and the permanent disability.

A Jones Act Lawyer will Fight for Your Rights

If you, or someone you know, are injured on the job, you need a Jones Act lawyer. Choose the attorney that is not afraid to fight for your rights – the one that has experience with maritime law. You deserve compensation when you are hurt because of your employer’s negligence. Your Jones Act lawyer can help you get the settlement or award that you deserve.

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