Jones Act Attorney Settles Heavy Lifting Case

NOVEMBER 23, 2011 by Ogletree Abbott

No Disappointment with a Jones Act Attorney

If you need a Jones Act attorney, make certain that you choose one that has experience. The Jones Act is a complex legal matter and you need only the best help you can find. Your lawyer should have years of experience in maritime claims, including a high success rate. Your lawyer should have trial experience because some maritime claims end up in court. Your Jones Act attorney should also be skilled in negotiating settlements because many maritime claims are settled out of court. Choose the best lawyer you can find and you will not be disappointed.

Seaman Injures Back and Seeks Help from Jones Act Attorney

Back injuries from heavy lifting often result in the need for a Jones Act attorney. S. Tillman, a Louisiana seaman aboard a fishing vessel, knows all about heavy lifting. Mr. Tillman was new to the maritime industry when he suffered an injury. Mr. Tillman was given the task of lifting various pieces of cargo and equipment and moving them to another location on the boat. Mr. Tillman expressed concern over the weight of some of the items, but his concerns were ignored. Fearful of losing his job, Mr. Tillman attempted to move the items. While trying to pick up a large piece of equipment, he wrenched his back. With the assistance of a Jones Act attorney, a claim was filed against the employer.

Mr. Tillman’s Jones Act attorney was able to prove the case with ease. Mr. Tillman should never have been ordered to move the heavy items without help. Maritime law has specific rules regarding the amount of weight a seaman can lift without aid. The equipment Mr. Tillman tried to move was much too heavy to lift alone. He was not offered assistance, even when he expressed concerns. Therefore, the employer was negligent. The case settled out of the courtroom for $1.3 million.

Secure Your Future with a Jones Act Attorney

If you, or someone you know, have been injured due to heavy lifting, you may need to file a claim. Contact a qualified Jones Act attorney for advice about your particular case. If a claim is filed, your attorney will help you get a fair settlement or award. Do not leave your future to the fates – let an experienced Jones Act attorney take charge and keep your future secure.

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