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You Deserve Compensation and the Best Jones Act Attorneys

You deserve Jones Act attorneys that will work their hardest to acquire a settlement or award. There are some attorneys that do not put forth every effort to win a case. When it comes to maritime claims, you need the lawyers that are willing to go the extra mile. Take your time when choosing your Jones Act attorneys because they are going to be representing you in court. Find lawyers with experience, skill and dedication. As an injured seaman, you deserve compensation and with the best attorneys, you will soon have the financial security you need.

Deckhand Falls from Cargo and Calls Jones Act Attorneys

M. Neese, a deckhand aboard a vessel out of Louisiana, contacted the best Jones Act attorneys after his maritime accident. Mr. Neese was hurt when he fell about twenty feet to the deck of the vessel. Mr. Neese had been trying to tie down some cargo at the time. He was the only worker performing this task, even though he had asked for help. Mr. Neese lost his balance and fell. The fall left him with a broken leg and a slipped disc in his back. Mr. Neese was never able to go back to work in the maritime industry because of the back injury. He had several surgeries, but to no avail. Mr. Neese contacted skilled Jones Act attorneys for help.

The Jones Act attorneys filed a claim against the employer for an unsafe working environment. Mr. Neese should have had help tying the cargo down. He was up high without any fall safety equipment. This was clearly an unsafe place to be working and the employer was liable. The employer should have provided him with assistance, as well as fall safety equipment. The Jones Act attorneys for Mr. Neese were able to negotiate a settlement three days before trial. The final settlement amount was $1.8 million.

File Your Claim Fast with Jones Act Attorneys

If you have been the victim of a fall that left you unable to work, call the best Jones Act attorneys you can find as soon as possible. You need to file your claim for compensation quickly because the Jones Act does have timeframes for claims. Your Jones Act attorneys will file the claim and help you get a fair settlement or award.

Choose Jones Act Lawyers with Care

It does not have to be a chore to find the best Jones Act lawyers for your maritime claim. You just have to be willing to put in the time and effort needed to find the best. This means doing some research before choosing a law firm. You want to make sure you choose attorneys that specialize in maritime law. Maritime claims can be tricky and you need educated, aggressive lawyers that are willing to fight for you in court. Take your time when choosing Jones Act lawyers and you will not be disappointed with your selection.

Worker Falls on Ice, Jones Act Lawyers Negotiate Settlement

When T. Taylor was hurt on the job, he contacted the best Jones Act lawyers. Mr. Taylor was working on a fishing vessel out of Alaska. It was a snowy, icy day when he was hurt. Mr. Taylor was on a walkway leading from the vessel to the port. He noticed it was slippery, so he turned around and asked his captain for something to de-ice the surface. His captain made a few jokes and refused the request – essentially telling Mr. Taylor he needed to “be a man” and just walk. Mr. Taylor did as he was told and he slipped. He did not fall into the icy water, but he did break his ankle. He contacted Jones Act lawyers as soon as he could because he knew he was not responsible for the accident.

Mr. Taylor’s Jones Act lawyers quickly put together a strong case. It was clear that the captain had neglected his duties to provide a safe working environment. The de-icing of the walkway was not an outrageous request. It was a safety precaution that should have been followed. The employer knew this was a claim that he would not win – the negligence was clear. Mr. Taylor’s Jones Act lawyers negotiated a settlement for $985,000.

Get Financial Compensation with Jones Act Lawyers

When you have been hurt because of obvious negligence, you need experienced Jones Act lawyers to help you. You deserve compensation for your injuries and related expenses. Your Jones Act lawyers can help you get exactly what you deserve – financial compensation from your negligent employer.

Take Control of Your Finances with a Jones Act Attorney

Unless you are a licensed Jones Act attorney, chances are that you do not have a full understanding of maritime law. This is why it is important for you to hire a skilled attorney after a maritime accident. You need someone with the knowledge and experience to get you a fair settlement or award. Your financial future is at stake – you deserve compensation for your injury, lost wages and medical expenses. Do not leave your finances up to the fates. Instead, hire an experienced Jones Act attorney and take control of your finances today.

Lining Accident Leads Worker to Jones Act Attorney

Lines on a boat can be a hazard to crewmembers. Just ask D. Dalton, a Texas seaman who lost his leg to a line accident and contacted a Jones Act attorney. Mr. Dalton lost his leg when his leg became tangled in a mooring line. Unable to extract his leg without help, he began yelling for his coworkers. However, no one heard him until it was too late. The line literally pulled his leg from his body. Mr. Dalton had to be flown off the vessel for emergency treatment and lost his right leg. He called a Jones Act attorney for advice and a claim was filed.

Mr. Dalton’s Jones Act attorney argued an unsafe working environment. Mr. Dalton should not have been working with the lines alone. There should have been at least one other crewmember present to protect against accidents. Had other workers been present, his leg could have been untangled. Mr. Dalton’s employer did not agree with this argument and took the case to trial. After two days in trial, a settlement was offered. Following the advice of his Jones Act attorney, Mr. Dalton accepted the $3.75 million settlement.

You Can Get Your Money with a Jones Act Attorney

When you are hurt in the maritime industry, you need a Jones Act attorney. There is simply no way around having a qualified attorney to garner you a fair settlement or award. With an experienced Jones Act attorney, you CAN get the money you deserve for your injuries and lost wages.

Experience is a Must When Choosing a Jones Act Lawyer

As you search for your Jones Act lawyer, remember that experience is a must. You may be tempted to hire an attorney that is new to the field and comes with a cheaper price tag. For maritime claims, you really need to pay more attention to an attorney’s success rate and experience, rather than their rates. Rates will not matter if your attorney cannot win your case. You need a Jones Act lawyer that has experience and a good reputation in the maritime law area. This is your financial future you are dealing with – you deserve the best attorney and the best results.

Leg Crushed Between Barge and Wall, Jones Act Lawyer Called

E. White was employed aboard a barge when he hired a Jones Act lawyer to get him the best results. Mr. White was severely injured when he was climbing a ladder on a lock wall. The barge got too close to him and his leg was crushed between the barge and the lock wall. The entire leg had to be amputated, leaving Mr. White unable to return to work in the maritime industry. Mr. White got in touch with an experienced Jones Act lawyer for help. A claim was filed against his employer for negligence.

Mr. White’s Jones Act lawyer had no trouble demonstrating the negligence. Mr. White was ordered to climb the ladder when the barge was nearby. The communications between the barge operator and the workers was lacking. The operator had no idea that Mr. White was even in the vicinity of the lock wall, leading to the crushing accident. Mr. White’s Jones Act lawyer negotiated a fair settlement for his client in the amount of $3.7 million for lost wages, as well as future lost wages because Mr. White was unable to return to work.

Do Not Suffer – Call a Jones Act Lawyer

If you have been injured in an accident due to lack of communication, you need to consult with an experienced Jones Act lawyer. Your attorney will help you decide if you have a valid claim for compensation. You do not have to suffer with your lost wages and expenses. You can make a call to a Jones Act lawyer and start the compensation process today.

After an Accident, Contact Jones Act Attorneys

When you hire your Jones Act attorneys, you can finally put your worries to rest. Your attorneys will take care of you and handle all aspects of your maritime claim. Your lawyers work for only one person and that person is you. Unlike your employer’s attorneys, who want only what is best for your employer, your lawyers want only what is best for you. You need qualified and experienced Jones Act attorneys to garner you the settlement or award that you need after a maritime accident.

Crab Fisherman Loses Hand and Calls Jones Act Attorneys

R. Wilton hired Jones Act attorneys after he was injured at sea. Mr. Wilton was working on a crab-fishing vessel out of Maine. At the time of the accident, Mr. Wilton was cutting bait for the crab pots. The machine he was using was old and it lacked a protective guard between the operator and the spinning blade. The boat hit some rough water and Mr. Wilton lost his balance. His hand went right into the spinning blade, cutting it off. He required emergency medical treatment, but the hand could not be reattached. Mr. Wilton hires skilled Jones Act attorneys to file a claim against his employer.

The Jones Act attorneys for Mr. Wilton knew this was an easy case. The bait-cutting machine was old and outdated. It lacked the protective guard. This was clearly a case of an unsafe working environment. Mr. Wilton’s employer had no argument against the claim. The addition of a plastic guard in front of the blade would have saved Mr. Wilton’s hand. The bait-cutting machine was a danger to Mr. Wilton and the other crewmembers. The Jones Act attorneys for Mr. Wilton negotiated a fair settlement for the loss of his hand. The settlement amount was $2.45 million.

Call Jones Act Attorneys and Find Out if Your Claim is Valid

Make a call to experienced Jones Act attorneys anytime you are injured in the maritime industry. While all claims may not be valid, many are valid. You will never know unless you contact an attorney for advice. Your Jones Act attorneys will answer your questions and, if needed, file your claim.

You Deserve the Best Jones Act Lawyers

Jones Act lawyers specialize in winning maritime claims. They know what it is like to be an injured seaman, unable to work and in need of compensation for injuries. They sympathize with the victims of maritime accidents. Jones Act lawyers are not working for negligent employers – they are working for the injured men and women that need help. Maritime accidents are no laughing matter – some even result in death. When you are injured on the job, you deserve the best attorneys you can find to help you seek your rightful compensation.

Worker Falls from Ladder and Jones Act Lawyers are Contacted

M. Netting was an offshore worker when he hired Jones Act lawyers to seek compensation. Mr. Netting was injured when he fell off a ladder while working. The ladder he was using was old and worn. Mr. Netting had told his boss about the old ladder and requested a new one. The request went unanswered. When Mr. Netting used the ladder, a rung broke and he fell several feet to the platform. He suffered a back injury from the fall that was later surgically repaired. Mr. Netting contacted experienced Jones Act lawyers for legal advice and a claim was filed.

The Jones Act lawyers for Mr. Netting had no trouble proving an unsafe working environment. They uncovered reports requesting a new ladder and detailing the problems with the old ladder. This minor purchase could have prevented the entire accident. The employer tried to argue that there were other ladders available. However, witnesses stated that the other ladders were already in use. Mr. Netting had no choice but to use the old ladder. A settlement was reached between the Jones Act lawyers and the employer for $1.7 million.

Get Answers from Qualified Jones Act Lawyers

If you have been hurt in a ladder accident while working as a seaman, make a phone call to some experienced Jones Act lawyers. You may need to file a claim against your employer to hold them liable for your accident and injury. The best way to get the answers you need is to contact qualified Jones Act lawyers for a consultation.

Your Jones Act Attorney will not Fail You

Your Jones Act attorney knows what he or she is doing – you have to trust your lawyer. When dealing with maritime claims, it is easy to get overwhelmed and nervous. It is common for injured seamen to doubt their attorney’s abilities at some point in the process. Simply chalk it up to nerves and let your lawyer do their job. They are trained in maritime law – they know what to do to ensure that you receive a fair settlement or award. Instead of doubting your Jones Act attorney, trust them and they will not fail you.

Fearless Worker Injures Back and Needs Jones Act Attorney

L. Mitchell was working as a deckhand aboard an Alaska vessel when he hired a Jones Act attorney. Mr. Mitchell was hurt while trying to save two other crewmembers from falling into the water. The accident occurred at night during bad weather. The weather made the seas very rough and choppy. Two crewmembers were working near the railing and did not have proper gear for the wet surface. The boat hit a large swell and both men went backwards over the rail. Luckily, Mr. Mitchell was beside them and he grabbed both men and began to heave them back on the boat. The strain on his back left him with a back injury, which led him to contact a Jones Act attorney.

Mr. Mitchell’s Jones Act attorney filed a claim for compensation. Although the injury did not require surgery and Mr. Mitchell was eventually able to return to work, he still deserved compensation. He missed two weeks of work due to the back injury and racked up several medical bills. His Jones Act attorney argued that the crewmembers were not properly trained in safety measures. They should have known to put on protective gear, especially during bad weather. The employer finally decided to settle the case after only one day in trial. The settlement amount was for $825,000.

Seek Compensation for Bravery with a Jones Act Attorney

If you have hurt your back trying to save another seaman, you might need a Jones Act attorney. Your attorney will file a claim and help you seek compensation from your employer. Choose an experienced and qualified Jones Act attorney and get the money you deserve.

It is Your Responsibility to Find a Jones Act Lawyer

After a maritime accident, it is up to you to find the right Jones Act lawyer. You cannot depend on your employer to be fair and just in compensating you for your injury. You need an attorney and you need one as soon as possible. You cannot leave it up to someone else to find an attorney for you – it was your accident, so it is your responsibility. You can ask for advice from friends and family, but the ultimate decision belongs to you. Only you will know when you have found the Jones Act lawyer that is the perfect fit for you and your maritime claim.

Jones Act Lawyer Contacted after Paralyzing Accident

J. Limpkin sought help from a Jones Act lawyer after being injured on the job in Louisiana. The deckhand was hurt when he was hit by a falling barge cover. A crane was in the process of moving the cover when it malfunctioned. The crane dropped the barge cover right on top of Mr. Limpkin. The resulting injury was paralysis from the waist down. Mr. Limpkin consulted with an experienced Jones Act lawyer and a claim was soon filed against his employer.

The Jones Act lawyer for Mr. Limpkin uncovered the defects of the crane. It was not the operator’s fault that the crane failed. The crane was in dire need of maintenance and upkeep – something that the employer had been neglecting because of the added cost. The employer knew that the crane was old and in need of repairs. However, the rough economy kept the employer from having the repairs made. The employer’s argument was that he was planning to purchase a new crane in a few months. The weak argument did not sit well with Mr. Limpkin’s Jones Act lawyer or the jury. The jury awarded the seaman $4.3 million for his injury.

Hold Your Employer Liable with a Jones Act Lawyer

Accidents happen and any Jones Act lawyer knows this to be true. However, this does not excuse employers from being responsible for neglectful actions. If you have been hurt in the maritime industry, you need to contact your Jones Act lawyer and file a claim for compensation.

Win with Experienced Jones Act Attorneys

Face it – you need good Jones Act attorneys if you want to win your maritime claim. As with any lawsuit, it is always best to have professional legal help. If you try to seek compensation without an attorney, you will probably lose your case. You need qualified attorneys to prove that your employer was liable for your injuries. You can try to do it on your own – and lose. Or, you can do it with skilled Jones Act attorneys – and win. The choice is up to you. Do you want to win or lose?

Cook Falls Down Stairs and Calls Her Jones Act Attorneys

H. Green was working as a cook aboard a fishing vessel out of Alaska when she hired skilled Jones Act attorneys to help her win. Ms. Green suffered a broken arm and a concussion after falling down some stairs. The accident happened when Ms. Green attempted to go down stairs that were poorly lit. She could not see where she was going and she overstepped a stair. She tumbled down the stairs, breaking her arm and hitting her head several times. Ms. Green contacted her Jones Act attorneys and filed a claim against her negligent employer.

Ms. Green’s Jones Act attorneys quickly determined the cause of the accident to be poor lighting. The employer was negligent because he had failed to make sure the stairway was well lit. The addition of a few extra light fixtures would have avoided the accident. Instead, Ms. Green missed several weeks of work and suffered ongoing headaches from the head injury. Ms. Green’s employer decided to settle out of court. Her Jones Act attorneys negotiated a settlement for just over $1 million.

Jones Act Attorneys will Get the Money Owed to You

If you have fallen down stairs while working in the maritime industry, you need to call your Jones Act attorneys. They will help you file a claim and seek compensation through the court system. Your employer owes you money for your lost wages and medical expenses. Let your Jones Act attorneys get you the money owed to you.

Jones Act Attorney Showed Seaman Had Become Employee At Time Of Accident

This case happened because of a tragic accident, after ABC Dredge, Inc. was hired by Big Oil Exploring, Inc., to lay pipeline in canals in the Gulf of Mexico. The job was performed by using the lugger Islip. The Jones Act attorney who was hired by the seaman went on to describe how the Islip, as a specialized canal vessel, would position and move a pipe-laying barge forward. The lugger would push the barge forward, the Jones Act attorney showed, at intervals the length of a 30 foot section of laid pipe. In order to stop the barge, after it was pushed forward, ABC Dredge employees would drop the barge’s 9,000 pound spuds into the canal. Once the barge was secured, ABC employees built the pipeline, screwing each new pipe joint into the laid pipe. The joints were then sealed by using a propane torch to heat a plastic sleeve over the joints.

On the day of the accident, Raymond Ives, an ABC Dredge employee, ordered the lugger to push the barge forward as usual, showed the Jones Act attorney. At a crucial second, observed the Jones Act attorney, Ives gave a hand signal to tell the other crew members to drop the barge’s spuds. Unfortunately, the dropped spuds ruptured an underwater gas line, and the propane torch on the barge ignited the escaping gas. In the resulting fire, the Jones Act attorney described vividly how one crew member drowned, and Ives, along with several other crew members, was badly injured. The Jones Act attorney filed suit under the Jones Act.

After the accident ABC Dredge, Inc. tried to be excused from full liability, since it was not the full owner of the vessel involved in the accident, explained the Jones Act attorney. The district court, siding with the Jones Act attorney, denied ABC Dredge had any right to “limitation,” because the Jones Act attorney opposing the limit had showed that the risks of negligence by ABC Dredge was “something known by its management.” Ives’s Jones Act attorney also beat back ABC Dredge’s request to make Ives himself partially liable. The seaman’s Jones Act attorney proved to the court there’d been a bareboat, or charter, agreement between ABC Dredge and Ives.

Jones Act Attorney Evidence Of Vessel Lease Protected Seaman’s Rights

The Islip was the only asset of Ives & Company, observed the Jones Act attorney. The Jones Act attorney also proved how the vessel was being leased to ABC Dredge at the time of the accident by Ives. ABC Dredge and Ives had agreed, noted the Jones Act attorney, that ABC Dredge (and not Ives) would: (1) pay $200 to Ives for every day the vessel was used; (2) provide a crew and the necessary supplies to work; (3) keep insurance on the vessel; and (4) pay repairs and maintenance. Although the agreement was put in writing, it apparently was never signed by ABC Dredge. Talking with a Jones Act attorney (before any accident) to make sure the contract is enforced can be crucial, as this case showed. Regardless, the acts of the parties were consistent with the unsigned agreement, the Jones Act attorney successfully argued. Finally, the Jones Act attorney also emphasized that a charter doesn’t absolutely need to be in writing to exist.

A “bareboat” or charter, the Jones Act attorney observed, requires an owner (Ives) to give complete and exclusive possession, and command to the charterer (ABC). Along with the exclusive control of the vessel (emphasized the Jones Act attorney) the ABC assumed many of the rights and obligations of Ives, showed the Jones Act attorney. Deciding whether a bareboat charter existed in the case was complicated, noted the Jones Act attorney, by the fact that in addition to being an ABC Dredge employee, Raymond Ives was also the president and stockholder of Ives & Company, which actually owned the Islip. As part of his job as an ABC Dredge employee, Ives occasionally served as captain. Having its president serve as an employee/ seaman complicated answering whether Ives “surrendered” control of the vessel, the Jones Act attorney commented. But, it was also clear from the evidence from the Jones Act attorney that when Ives served as captain, Ives was working as a ABC Dredge employee, the Jones Act attorney went on to prove.

Jones Act Attorney: Seaman’s Occasional Charter Rental Did Not Change Charter Use At Time Of Accident

The employer disagreed (unsuccessfully) with the Jones Act attorney, because ABC Dredge paid for the vessel only on the days it was actually used. The Jones Act attorney successfully pointed out the law, saying “a bareboat charter is the complete surrender of possession and control by the vessel owner to the charterer at the time of use.” The Jones Act attorney properly proved taking possession in this case by ABC included paying for use of the vessel. It didn’t matter, the appeals court agreed with the Jones Act attorney, “whether the charterer used the vessel gainfully or not.”

The Jones Act attorney also added other details of ABC’s control. In this case, ABC Dredge stored the vessel, provided the crew, and paid all necessary repairs and maintenance. ABC even listed the vessel as an available asset when bidding for contracts, and paid insurance for the vessel, proved the Jones Act attorney. The Jones Act attorney had made it clear that Ives completely gave up possession and navigation of the Islip to ABC Dredge. The trial judgment won by the Jones Act attorney, holding ABC solely liable, was upheld.

There are many situations when a seaman should talk to a Jones Act attorney. Sometimes, this need will exist, even before an accident. If a seaman owns a vessel or has a substantial ownership in leasing it for charter, for example, it’s very wise to have an early conversation with a knowledgeable Jones Act attorney.