Jones Act Attorneys Settle Lost Hand Claim

DECEMBER 30, 2011 by Ogletree Abbott

After an Accident, Contact Jones Act Attorneys

When you hire your Jones Act attorneys, you can finally put your worries to rest. Your attorneys will take care of you and handle all aspects of your maritime claim. Your lawyers work for only one person and that person is you. Unlike your employer’s attorneys, who want only what is best for your employer, your lawyers want only what is best for you. You need qualified and experienced Jones Act attorneys to garner you the settlement or award that you need after a maritime accident.

Crab Fisherman Loses Hand and Calls Jones Act Attorneys

R. Wilton hired Jones Act attorneys after he was injured at sea. Mr. Wilton was working on a crab-fishing vessel out of Maine. At the time of the accident, Mr. Wilton was cutting bait for the crab pots. The machine he was using was old and it lacked a protective guard between the operator and the spinning blade. The boat hit some rough water and Mr. Wilton lost his balance. His hand went right into the spinning blade, cutting it off. He required emergency medical treatment, but the hand could not be reattached. Mr. Wilton hires skilled Jones Act attorneys to file a claim against his employer.

The Jones Act attorneys for Mr. Wilton knew this was an easy case. The bait-cutting machine was old and outdated. It lacked the protective guard. This was clearly a case of an unsafe working environment. Mr. Wilton’s employer had no argument against the claim. The addition of a plastic guard in front of the blade would have saved Mr. Wilton’s hand. The bait-cutting machine was a danger to Mr. Wilton and the other crewmembers. The Jones Act attorneys for Mr. Wilton negotiated a fair settlement for the loss of his hand. The settlement amount was $2.45 million.

Call Jones Act Attorneys and Find Out if Your Claim is Valid

Make a call to experienced Jones Act attorneys anytime you are injured in the maritime industry. While all claims may not be valid, many are valid. You will never know unless you contact an attorney for advice. Your Jones Act attorneys will answer your questions and, if needed, file your claim.

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