Jones Act Lawyer Gets Large Settlement for Paralysis Case

DECEMBER 30, 2011 by Ogletree Abbott

It is Your Responsibility to Find a Jones Act Lawyer

After a maritime accident, it is up to you to find the right Jones Act lawyer. You cannot depend on your employer to be fair and just in compensating you for your injury. You need an attorney and you need one as soon as possible. You cannot leave it up to someone else to find an attorney for you – it was your accident, so it is your responsibility. You can ask for advice from friends and family, but the ultimate decision belongs to you. Only you will know when you have found the Jones Act lawyer that is the perfect fit for you and your maritime claim.

Jones Act Lawyer Contacted after Paralyzing Accident

J. Limpkin sought help from a Jones Act lawyer after being injured on the job in Louisiana. The deckhand was hurt when he was hit by a falling barge cover. A crane was in the process of moving the cover when it malfunctioned. The crane dropped the barge cover right on top of Mr. Limpkin. The resulting injury was paralysis from the waist down. Mr. Limpkin consulted with an experienced Jones Act lawyer and a claim was soon filed against his employer.

The Jones Act lawyer for Mr. Limpkin uncovered the defects of the crane. It was not the operator’s fault that the crane failed. The crane was in dire need of maintenance and upkeep – something that the employer had been neglecting because of the added cost. The employer knew that the crane was old and in need of repairs. However, the rough economy kept the employer from having the repairs made. The employer’s argument was that he was planning to purchase a new crane in a few months. The weak argument did not sit well with Mr. Limpkin’s Jones Act lawyer or the jury. The jury awarded the seaman $4.3 million for his injury.

Hold Your Employer Liable with a Jones Act Lawyer

Accidents happen and any Jones Act lawyer knows this to be true. However, this does not excuse employers from being responsible for neglectful actions. If you have been hurt in the maritime industry, you need to contact your Jones Act lawyer and file a claim for compensation.

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