Jones Act Lawyers Settle Steel Pin Injury Claim

DECEMBER 22, 2011 by Ogletree Abbott

Let Your Experienced Jones Act Lawyers Handle Negotiations

When it comes to successfully handling maritime claims, experienced Jones Act lawyers know how to do it. There are plenty of law firms out there to choose from, but only the best will get you the money you deserve. If you are an injured seaman, you need the best legal help you can get. Forget negotiating with your employer alone – hire experienced Jones Act lawyers to do the negotiating for you. Remember – your employer may like you, but they like their bottom line better. Protect your own bottom line with an experienced attorney on your side.

Texas Seaman No Longer Able to Work, Seeks Help from Jones Act Lawyers

Any maritime worker will tell you that accidents happen when you least expect them. J. Jones understands this concept. He was injured on the job and needed skilled Jones Act lawyers to help him get his rightful compensation. The injury happened when Mr. Jones was working on a Texas vessel. A crane was unloading cargo from the boat. A long, steel pin broke loose from the crane and it shot into Mr. Jones. The impact of the pin broke his arm and also caused nerve damage in his shoulder. Mr. Jones was never able to return to work because the damage was permanent – he never regained full use of his arm. With experienced Jones Act lawyers, he filed a claim for compensation.

The Jones Act lawyers for Mr. Jones argued that the environment was unsafe. A close examination of the maintenance records for the crane revealed that it had not been properly maintained. Regular routine maintenance would have revealed the damaged steel pin. The employer was negligent because of this lack of maintenance. Therefore, the employer was responsible for the accident and injuries. The Jones Act lawyers for Mr. Jones garnered him a settlement of $2.2 million.

Find the Road to Justice with Jones Act Lawyers

If you are unable to return to your maritime job after an injury, you may need skilled Jones Act lawyers to help you. Depending on the accident that led to your injury, you could be entitled to compensation. Your attorneys will discuss your case and your options, helping you to make a final decision. With the expertise of Jones Act lawyers guiding you, you can soon be on the road to financial justice.

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