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Jones Act Lawyers Should Feel Right

When it comes to choosing the best Jones Act lawyers to represent you in court, it is not a decision to take lightly. You need experienced and determined lawyers to get the job done. What is the job? The job is getting you a fair settlement or award. Choose the Jones Act lawyers that have been winning maritime claims for years. Choose those that have the success record to prove they know what they are doing. Finally, go with your instincts – if an attorney does not feel right, find another attorney. You will know when you have found the right attorney for your case.

Texas Worker Falls and Calls Jones Act Lawyers

H. Miller was a new deckhand aboard a Texas vessel when she had to find the right Jones Act lawyers. Ms. Miller was injured while working on the deck of the vessel. She was performing some cleaning tasks at the time. An area of the deck that was wet did not have non-slip surfacing. Ms. Miller did not know this, so she continued to perform her duties. She slipped and fell, fracturing her arm. Ms. Miller called experienced Jones Act lawyers for advice. A claim was filed as soon as possible.

Ms. Miller’s Jones Act lawyers pointed out the missing non-slip surfacing. If the surfacing had been applied, the accident would not have happened. Vessels must have non-slip surfacing in certain places. There are specific rules and regulations about this procedure. Since Ms. Miller’s employer did not follow the rules and failed to apply the non-slip surfacing, he was responsible for her injury and medical expenses. The environment was not safe for working. The Jones Act lawyers for Ms. Miller negotiated a fair settlement for $675,000 to compensate her for medical costs and lost wages.

Receive Just Award/Settlement with Jones Act Lawyers

If you have slipped and fallen on a vessel due to your employer’s negligence, contact Jones Act lawyers for help. Your attorneys will help you file a claim against your employer and will argue your case to a jury, if necessary. Trust in your Jones Act lawyers and you will receive your just award or settlement.

Follow the Rules with a Jones Act Attorney

The next time you contact a Jones Act attorney, try not to feel guilty. After a maritime accident, you may think that your employer will compensate you accordingly. Chances are that your employer will not be fair about compensation. It is not because they do not care about you – it is because they have to protect their bottom line. It comes down to money, plain and simple. You deserve money for your injury and your employer will want to pay only the bare minimum as compensation. You are on opposite sides of the game, so you need an experienced Jones Act attorney to ensure that everyone follows the rules.

Seaman Falls During Downtime and Contacts Jones Act Attorney

Sometimes, even entertainment can be dangerous and require a Jones Act attorney. A Texas seaman, H. Tidman, learned about the sometimes-high price of having fun. Mr. Tidman was injured while having a little fun with another crewmember. The two were playing Frisbee aboard a Texas vessel during some downtime. Mr. Tidman slipped and fell over some items that had been left on the deck of the boat. He hit his head hard enough to cause his brain to bleed. Although medical treatment resolved the issue, Mr. Tidman still contacted a Jones Act attorney to discuss options.

The Jones Act attorney suggested filing a claim for compensation. The environment was unsafe, even though the two crewmembers were not technically working. They were still aboard the vessel at the time of the accident – they were merely killing some time. The items left carelessly on the deck caused Mr. Tidman to fall – had they been put away properly, he would have never been hurt. The employer took the case to trial because he did not feel responsible for the accident. The Jones Act attorney for Mr. Tidman argued a good case. The jury found the employer to be liable for the accident and issued an award of $1.4 million.

Listen to Your Jones Act Attorney

If you have been hurt aboard a vessel during downtime, you could have a claim to file. The only way to find out is to contact a Jones Act attorney for advice. If your attorney advises you to seek compensation, pay attention and follow his or her advice. Let your Jones Act attorney file the claim and get you a fair settlement or award.

Let a Jones Act Lawyer Protect Your Best Interests

When you make the decision to hire a Jones Act lawyer, you are making a decision for you – for your best interests. After suffering a maritime injury, not only must you focus on healing, you also need to focus on compensation. It is in your best interests to seek compensation from a neglectful employer. While your employer may try to convince you otherwise, you know that you need a good attorney. With the right Jones Act lawyer handling your case, you are protecting your own best interests.

Worker’s Leg is Amputated and Jones Act Lawyer Comes to Rescue

H. Aaron was employed as an offshore worker out of Texas when he protected his best interests with a Jones Act lawyer. Mr. Aaron was involved in a maritime accident that left him without part of his left leg. The accident occurred when his leg became trapped in some machinery on the platform. He became trapped due to a faulty shut-off switch that failed to operate. When Mr. Aaron shut the machinery off and began working on it, it fired back up without warning, dragging his leg into the moving parts. The damage was severe and resulted in an amputation from the knee of his left leg. Mr. Aaron hired a Jones Act lawyer for assistance.

Mr. Aaron’s Jones Act lawyer filed a claim for compensation and cited an unsafe working environment. The defective shut-off switch led to the accident. Add in the fact that the emergency shut-off also failed and Mr. Aaron was left without a chance of coming out unscathed. The employer was clearly at fault – the environment was unsafe and dangerous. This case did not come close to trial. The employer chose to negotiate with Mr. Aaron’s Jones Act lawyer and a fair settlement was reached. The final settlement was for $3.65 million.

Call a Jones Act Lawyer after Life-Changing Events

If you have lost a limb because of a dangerous working environment, you need to call your Jones Act lawyer for advice. The loss of a limb is a life-changing event – your life will never be the same. For this, you deserve compensation. Your Jones Act lawyer can help you seek that compensation through the legal system.

What It Means to Hire Jones Act Attorneys

Hiring Jones Act attorneys does not mean that you have no respect for your employer. It does not mean that you do not trust your employer. It means that you want fair compensation for your maritime accident and that you know experienced attorneys can help you. Your employer might try to make you feel bad about hiring Jones Act attorneys. You may even feel like your job is threatened. However, you have the right to an attorney, so do not worry. Your attorneys will make sure your employer treats your fairly during the legal proceedings.

Crab Pot Accident Leads Worker to Jones Act Attorneys

H. Macklin was working aboard an Alaskan crabbing vessel when he needed Jones Act attorneys to help him. Mr. Macklin was hurt while stacking large crab pots on the vessel. Another worker was not paying attention and he pushed a crab pot in Mr. Macklin’s direction. At the time, Mr. Macklin was still adjusting another pot in the stack. When he turned around, it was too late and the crab pot hit him in the chest. He suffered three broken ribs and severe bruising from the blow of the crab pot. Mr. Macklin contacted experienced Jones Act attorneys for immediate help.

The Jones Act attorneys filed a claim for compensation, citing an unsafe working environment. The procedure for stacking the crab pots was dangerous. The worker that was not paying attention was not well trained in the procedure because he was new to the job. Another worker, one with experience, should have been assigned to the task. Instead, the inexperienced worker ended up causing Mr. Macklin’s injuries. The employer held out until two days before trial to settle the case. The Jones Act attorneys for Mr. Macklin settled the claim for $1.1 million.

Your Jones Act Attorneys Will Help You Win Your Claim

If you have been injured in the crabbing industry, contact Jones Act attorneys for help. You have rights under the Jones Act and your attorneys will help you exercise those rights. Whether your injury is large or small, you deserve compensation, so contact your attorneys today. Your Jones Act attorneys will do everything they can to help you win your claim.

Seek Fair Compensation with a Good Jones Act Attorney

A good Jones Act attorney will successfully settle a case or win it at trial. When you are injured in the maritime industry, you need a good attorney to help you. Seeking compensation may seem like the least of your worries after a maritime injury. However, it should be one of the primary concerns on your mind. How are you going to support your family if you can never return to work? How are you going to pay your medical expenses? You need a Jones Act attorney to ensure that your employer fairly compensates you for your injury and expenses.

Inexperienced Seaman Seeks Help from Jones Act Attorney

N. Marvin was a new deckhand aboard a Texas fishing vessel when he hired a good Jones Act attorney. Mr. Marvin was injured while trying to unload cargo from the boat. He had not been properly trained in the unloading procedure, so he was uncertain about what he needed to do. However, he wanted to do the best job that he could, so he jumped right into the task. His hand became wedged between two large crates and when one of the crates shifted, two of his fingers were crushed. Following the advice of friends and family, he contacted a Jones Act attorney.

A claim was filed against Mr. Marvin’s employer by his Jones Act attorney. The attorney stated that Mr. Marvin should have been given clear directions for the unloading procedure. The employer failed to do this and left Mr. Marvin an open target for injury. The employer tried to blame the accident on the seaman, saying that he should have asked questions or found another task to do. However, Mr. Marvin had been ordered to help unload the boat, leading him to believe that he would be fired if he did not comply. Mr. Marvin’s Jones Act attorney finally negotiated a settlement for $650,000.

When Your Employer Fails You, Contact a Jones Act Attorney

If you have been hurt because you were asked to perform a task you did not understand, you need to contact a Jones Act attorney. As a seaman, you need to be trained well before you perform dangerous tasks. When you employer fails to do this and you get hurt, you deserve compensation. Your Jones Act attorney can help you get that compensation.

Jones Act Lawyers – Allies In and Out of Court

Your Jones Act lawyers are your allies in and out of the courtroom. When you file a maritime claim for compensation, you need the best lawyers on your side. You need their help to get a fair settlement or award. Your lawyers will help you out of the courtroom by handling the paperwork and any negotiation meetings. Your lawyers will help you in the courtroom by arguing your case to a jury if your case goes to trial. In or out of the courtroom, your Jones Act lawyers are working for you, and only you.

Kitchen Worker Cuts Hand and Contacts Jones Act Lawyers

M. Cole was working in the kitchen of a Texas ship when she hired Jones Act lawyers to work for her. Ms. Cole fell ill while working. The boat was out to sea for a two-week trip at the time of her illness. Ms. Cole informed her captain that she was sick and needed a few days to recover. However, her request was denied and she was forced to work. While trying to cut some vegetables, Ms. Cole became dizzy and blacked out. She sliced her hand to the bone, severing tendons and causing permanent nerve damage. Her Jones Act lawyers filed an immediate claim for compensation.

The Jones Act lawyers for Ms. Cole had little trouble proving this claim. Ms. Cole should have never been forced to work while ill. Her illness, which included a high fever, left her in no condition for handling sharp knives. Even the onboard medical professional agreed that she should have been relieved of her duties until she was better. The employer knew it was a losing case. Ms. Cole’s Jones Act lawyers were able to negotiate a settlement of $2.1 million for her. The money covered her injury, lost wages, and medical expenses.

Make a Decision with Jones Act Lawyers

If you have cut yourself while working in the maritime industry, you may need Jones Act lawyers to file a claim for you. The circumstances leading to your injury will determine if you have a valid claim. You need to discuss your injury with qualified attorneys and make a decision about filing a claim. The only way to know is to contact experienced Jones Act lawyers for legal advice.

Take Care of Your Claim with a Jones Act Lawyer

With an experienced Jones Act lawyer on your side, your maritime claim will go much more smoothly. You are a seaman, not an attorney. Instead of trying to deal with the legalities alone (and risking getting “taken” by your employer), hire a Jones Act lawyer. Your attorney will take care of all of the legal aspects of your case, including advising you on potential settlement offers. If you want to take care of your claim for compensation in the most timely and efficient manner as possible, hire an attorney today.

Back Injuries Need a Good Jones Act Lawyer

Back injuries are quite common in the maritime industry and when J. Hadley hurt her back, she wasted no time in calling her Jones Act lawyer. Ms. Hadley injured her back while working on a Louisiana fishing vessel. The injury occurred when she was unloading a large catch from a fish net. Two other workers that were helping her briefly walked away without telling her. Ms. Hadley was left struggling with the heavy net on her own. She suffered a herniated disc in her back and later needed surgery to repair the damage. A consultation with a qualified Jones Act lawyer led to a claim for compensation against her employer.

Ms. Hadley’s Jones Act lawyer stated that the working environment was unsafe. Since she had been left alone to maneuver the heavy, wet net, her working environment was not safe. Even though the other workers had only stepped away for a few moments, it was enough time to cause the back injury. Ms. Hadley’s employer could not argue with the truth. Her Jones Act lawyer negotiated a fair settlement for the injury and medical expenses. The final settlement amount was $1.25 million.

Get Definite Answers from a Jones Act Lawyer

If you have hurt your back while working in the maritime industry, you may have a claim against your own employer. You need to contact a Jones Act lawyer for definite answers. If you do have a valid claim, your attorney will know exactly what to do to ensure that you get a fair settlement or award. Pick up the phone and contact a qualified Jones Act lawyer today.

Send a Message with Your Jones Act Attorneys

When you hire Jones Act attorneys, you are sending a message to your employer that you are serious about seeking compensation. After a maritime accident, your employer may offer you a meager amount of money to avoid a lawsuit. You should always seek advice from a lawyer before agreeing to anything. Your Jones Act attorneys will let you know what your best options are, even if it means filing a legal claim for compensation. Let your employer know that you are not going to be shortchanged fair compensation by hiring qualified lawyers to handle your case.

Reckless Employee Injures Worker, Jones Act Attorneys Called

T. Devon, an offshore worker out of Texas, hired some of the best Jones Act attorneys he could find after being injured on the job. Mr. Devon was in the process of being transported back to shore when he was hurt. The transporting vessel hit a large swell of water at a high rate of speed, tossing Mr. Devon into the air. He was tossed about six feet up and came crashing down onto small boat. The fall left him with a severe back injury, as well as a mild concussion. Mr. Devon contacted experienced Jones Act attorneys and a claim was filed.

The Jones Act attorneys for Mr. Devon claimed unseaworthiness and an unsafe working environment. The investigation revealed that the driver of the transporting vessel was under the influence of illegal drugs at the time of the accident. It was also discovered that the driver has former drug charges on his record. The employer failed to do a thorough background check on the driver, putting all of the workers at risk. Instead of going to trial, the employer opted for an out-of-court settlement. The Jones Act attorneys for Mr. Devon garnered him a settlement of $2.7 million.

Let Your Jones Act Attorneys Do Their Job

If you have been the victim of a transporting accident as an offshore worker, you need some good Jones Act attorneys. Your lawyers have one job and that is to seek fair compensation for your injuries. Your employer is not going to negotiate with you – that is the job of your attorneys. Let your Jones Act attorneys do their job and get you the money you deserve.

Court Agreed With Jones Act Lawyer To Uphold Award Even If “Slightly” On “High Side”

A Jones Act lawyer gets to the bottom of proving what an injury costs, in terms of lost wages and other damages. In the following case, a vessel owner tried to overturn a Jones Act lawyer’s winning an award for lost wages…even after a court noted the award was “on the high side.” Specifically, a vessel owner argued over the amount of past lost wages and lost future earning capacity, awarded to an injured seaman, after a judge agreed with the wage calculations of the seaman’s Jones Act lawyer. The Jones Act lawyer had introduced what the judge called “solid and strong” evidence from a recognized PhD economist.

The Jones Act lawyer argued successfully for a large award, while agreeing the seaman “bears the burden of proving” lost earnings, as well as showing the time missed from work. But the jury also has a lot of discretion, the Jones Act lawyer accurately stated, in calculating awards for lost wages, observed the Jones Act lawyer….so long as, the Jones Act lawyer noted, there “was a factual basis for the award.”

Jones Act Lawyer Showed Loss Of Overtime, Health Benefits And Future Wages

The Jones Act lawyer showed that at the time of his accident, Harry Donaldson had been working as a deckhand. He had just satisfied his probationary period, and had even received a large pay raise, as well as becoming eligible for employee benefits, the Jones Act lawyer established. The seaman’s work schedule was 12 days on and 6 days off, and that gave him “lots of overtime pay,” he told his Jones Act lawyer. The Jones Act lawyer also showed that Donaldson had not been able to work a full day since the accident.

The orthopedic surgeon’s records were introduced by the Jones Act lawyer to prove a 10-15% permanent impairment to Donaldson’s lumbar and cervical spine. There were also, emphasized the Jones Act lawyer, work restrictions, including minimal stooping and bending, minimal prolonged standing or sitting and no repetitive lifting, with any work above shoulder level. According to a vocational rehab evaluation used by the Jones Act lawyer, Donaldson had an eighth-grade education, but was at a lower level on academic skills. The Jones Act lawyer showed Donaldson was “totally medically and vocationally disabled from returning to any previous occupation.” The Jones Act lawyer suggested Donaldson’s future earning capacity ranged from a total loss of earning to (perhaps) part time work at minimum wage.

The Jones Act lawyer used an economist (with a Ph.D.) to figure Donaldson’s pre-accident income, i.e., $29,200 per year. The Jones Act lawyer proved that lost past wages would have been $44,378. From that date, the economist’s evidence (established by the Jones Act lawyer) carried the annual income figure forward for each year of Donaldson’s expected work-life, and after applying what the Jones Act lawyer showed was a “conservative discount rate,” concluded a total value of future losses at $220,000.

Jury Actually Added Slightly More To Requested Award Of Jones Act Lawyer

The jury had strong evidence from the Jones Act lawyer, for a range of awards, and chose to award the higher figures, noted the Jones Act lawyer: $44,700 for past loss of income and $125,000 for loss of future earning capacity. The jury awarded Donaldson $200,000 for past physical and mental pain and suffering and $25,000 for loss of enjoyment. After the accident, emphasized the Jones Act lawyer, the seaman began complaining of neck pain and severe lower back pain. At that point, he told his Jones Act lawyer, “I could not even bend over.” Next, the Jones Act lawyer showed the jury that the seaman began taking pain medications and trying stretching exercises. But after reviewing X-rays, the Jones Act lawyer also showed the jury that Donaldson had a herniated disc and needed surgery.

Emphasizing the jury’s discretion in awarding damages, the Jones Act lawyer succeeded in defending the total award. Although the total award ($227,000) in general damages was (as the appeals court put it) “on the high side” of estimates by the Jones Act lawyer, it was not an abuse of discretion for such a disabling back injury, the Jones Act lawyer had shown. The Jones Act lawyer had wisely proven how Donaldson was in pain for at least 18 months after his accident, and much of that time, the pain was severe and he was (as proven by the Jones Act lawyer) understandably, extremely depressed. After over a year of ineffective treatment, he had a surgical procedure to correct his back condition. While this greatly relieved his pain, he was still permanently disabled and will always have to restrict his daily activities, emphasized the Jones Act lawyer.

When an accident occurs, a seaman sometimes waits before getting legal advice from a Jones Act lawyer. But as this case showed, there’s an immediate need for the best in medical care, as well as getting the help of an experienced Jones Act lawyer. Because seeking medical care affects eventual legal claims, such as lost wages, a seaman befits from an early, confidential meeting with a Jones Act lawyer.

Choose an Experienced Jones Act Attorney

The Jones Act attorney you choose for your maritime claim needs experience. Your attorney must be experienced because maritime claims can be difficult. You need an attorney that has experience in arguing these types of claims in court. You need an attorney that has a full understanding of maritime law because you must have strong grounds to prove a claim. With a good Jones Act attorney representing you, you can win your claim for compensation.

Machinist Loses Hearing and Hires Jones Act Attorney

D. Floyd was working as a machinist aboard a Louisiana vessel when he needed a good Jones Act attorney. Mr. Floyd suffered permanent hearing loss as a result of his close proximity to various loud noises in the engine room of the boat. Mr. Floyd often worked in the engine room of the vessel – he was, after all, a machinist, so he often made repairs to the engine. He was exposed to loud noise on a regular basis. After months of exposure, he began to notice that he was having trouble hearing. Time went by and he noticed even more extreme hearing loss. A visit to the doctor confirmed that he had lost about 75% of hearing in one ear and 65% in the other. The repeated exposure to the loud noises led to the hearing loss, so Mr. Floyd contacted a Jones Act attorney for help.

Mr. Floyd’s Jones Act attorney provided documentation from a physician showing the hearing loss. The attorney also provided statements saying that prolonged exposure to loud noise leads to hearing loss, along with recordings of the engine room noises. The working environment clearly was not safe for Mr. Floyd – he was given no hearing protection to prevent the hearing loss. The employer negotiated with Mr. Floyd’s Jones act attorney and a settlement of $955,000 was reached.

Let a Jones Act Attorney Seek Compensation for Your Hearing Loss

If you have experienced any form of hearing loss while working as a seaman, talk to your Jones Act attorney about your situation. If the hearing loss is related to your working situation, you may need to file a claim for compensation. Your Jones Act attorney will help you get the money you deserve for losing your hearing.