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Never Put Off Contacting Jones Act Attorneys

The most important thing to remember in a maritime accident is to contact your Jones Act attorneys right away.  Jones Act attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable in the Jones Act. They know everything that you are entitled to receive as a result of an accident.  Do not take your fate in your own hands and try to represent yourself – let the lawyers help you get what you deserve from your accident.  Do not delay – contact experienced Jones Act attorneys today.

Deckhand Struck in Head by Walkway Calls Jones Act Attorneys

C. Cica was working as a tugboat deckhand aboard a California tugboat when he was injured and needed the help of experienced Jones Act attorneys.  This 30-year-old tugboat deckhand was simply walking along the tugboat when a walkway fell and struck him in the head.  The injuries that he suffered were extensive and required him to be off work for 3 months.  Because he suffered multiple injuries to his back, including cervical and lumbar fusion, as well as a shattered right shoulder, he was unable to return to work as a deckhand.  All of these factors played a part in the case that his Jones Act attorneys put together for him.

The Jones Act attorneys took Mr. Cica’s case to court because Mr. Cica’s employer denied any responsibility in his case.  They stated that Mr. Cica should not have been standing where he was when he was injured.  It was proven however, that Mr. Cica was performing the duties he was assigned when he was injured and that his accident was no fault of his own.  Mr. Cica was awarded with $1.6 million for his pain and suffering.

Get It All with Jones Act Attorneys

If a maritime accident has left you unable to return to your previous job position, contact Jones Act attorneys today.  Regardless of what your injuries are, you are entitled to compensation for your lost wages, medical expenses, pain, and suffering.  Your attorneys can help you get all of that – and maybe even more. Contact reputable Jones Act attorneys to get started today.

Poor Conditions Lead to Accidents and Jones Act Lawyers

Jones Act lawyers work on behalf of seamen that are treated poorly or forced to work in unfair working conditions.  While working on a vessel contains an element of danger and risk, it is the employer’s responsibility to make sure that the crew is properly taken care of and working in fair conditions.  When the conditions are poor, an accident is almost inevitable. Maritime accidents can result in maritime claims – this is when you need an attorney. Jones Act lawyers know the ins and outs of the Jones Act and are able to tell you if you have a valid claim.

Frostbitten Seaman Contacts Jones Act Lawyers

T. Terault was working aboard a fishing vessel in the freezer hold stacking cargo.  Even though Mr. Terault complained to his employer repeatedly that his feet were very sore from the working conditions, his employer continued to ignore him.  Mr. Terault ended up with frostbite on both of his feet as a result of the working conditions.  Instead of getting Mr. Terault the proper medical care he needed to take care of his frostbite, Mr. Terault’s employer continued to keep him onboard for another 15 days.  Because Mr. Terault’s frostbite injuries were not treated immediately, gangrene set in and Mr. Terault had to have his toes amputated.  Mr. Terault immediately contacted experienced Jones Act lawyers to work on his behalf.

Jones Act lawyers were able to investigate the claims that Mr. Terault made, and found that Mr. Terault’s complaints were ignored and his injuries were not treated. Mr. Terault was also forced to work in unfair working conditions – in the freezer hold with few breaks during a shift.  Because Mr. Terault’s employer emphatically denied the claims, the Jones Act lawyers brought the case in front of a jury.  Mr. Terault was awarded with $2 million as a result of his injuries and loss of wages.

Contact Jones Act Lawyers for All Maritime Injuries

If you were involved in a similar maritime accident, contact your experienced Jones Act lawyers immediately.  Letting the professional Jones Act lawyers evaluate your case will help you get what you deserve for your case and not a penny less.  Whether it is for frostbite or for a more severe injury, you deserve compensation. If you have suffered any type of maritime injury, contact your Jones Act lawyers today.

Ensure Success with a Qualified Jones Act Attorney

The best way to ensure success from your maritime claim is to hire a Jones Act attorney.  Jones Act claims can be stressful and overwhelming, causing many people to give up their claims.  By hiring the services of a Jones Act attorney, you will get the proper help and guidance needed to file your claim. Soon, you will get the compensation that you are entitled to receive as a result of your maritime accident.

Seaman Calls Jones Act Attorney after Knee Injury on Oregon Vessel

S. Carico was a seaman aboard an Oregon vessel when he needed the services of Jones Act attorney.  Mr. Carico was ordered to rebuild the roller chocks of the ship.  The problem with this order is that he was told to do it while the ship was in motion.  Because the roller chocks were against the hull of the ship, Mr. Carico had to be careful not to drop the chocks over the side of the ship.  Mr. Carico was not provided with scaffolding or any other item to assist in the project.  He was only given wrenches to disassemble and reassemble the chocks.  After realizing that each chock weighed 100 pounds and there were several on the spring line station that he had to rebuild and then lift, Mr. Carico was worried about putting the spring line station back.  When he lifted it back, he injured his knee, resulting in three subsequent surgeries to repair it.

Mr. Carico’s Jones Act attorney filed a claim stating that Mr. Carico’s employer made him work in unsafe conditions. The attorney also stated that the employer did not provide proper supervision or equipment.  According to the Jones Act attorney, a seaman is limited to lifting a specific amount of weight on his own without the help of a mechanical device.  Since Mr. Carico was forced to lift the spring line station on his own and it weighed well over several hundred pounds, his Jones Act attorney argued that the employer was liable. The employer agreed to give Mr. Carico a $750,000 settlement.

An Experienced Jones Act Attorney will Get You Fair Compensation

If you, or a loved one, were involved in a maritime accident due to negligence on your employer’s part, contact a Jones Act attorney today.  Knowledgeable in the maritime law, as well as experienced in a wide variety of cases, an attorney will get you the compensation you need.  Do not try to do it on your own – contact a Jones Act attorney today.


Get the Most from Your Claim with a Jones Act Lawyer

A Jones Act lawyer is the best way to get the most from your maritime accident claim.  Filing a claim can be overwhelming, which is why an attorney can help you navigate the system and properly file a claim.  With the experience of various maritime accident claims, your Jones Act lawyer will know exactly what your accident is worth and if it will be successful in court.

Deckhand Paralyzed by Crane Contacts Jones Act Lawyer

S. Wiston was working aboard a vessel as a deckhand in St. Louis when he was seriously injured.  A crane that was moving a barge cover was directly over Mr. Wiston when the crane failed.  The barge cover fell directly on top of Mr. Wiston, who was immediately taken to the hospital.  Mr. Wiston required several extensive surgeries and, even after treatment, he was permanently paralyzed from the waist down as a result of this maritime accident.  Mr. Wiston’s family immediately contacted a Jones Act lawyer to handle his case.

The Jones Act lawyer filed a case on behalf of Mr. Wiston.  The lawyer cited that Mr. Wiston’s paralysis was a result of the faulty crane that was used to move the barge cover.  The crane was not properly inspected before use.  The Jones Act lawyer was able to prove that if the crane had been properly inspected before using it to move the barge cover, Mr. Wiston’s injury could have been prevented.  Instead, Mr. Wiston was left unable to walk and unable to return to work on a vessel ever again. He was awarded $7.5 million.

All Paralysis Claims Need a Jones Act Lawyer

If you work aboard a vessel and you have suffered an injury or paralysis, you should contact a Jones Act lawyer right away.  A Jones Act lawyer can evaluate your case to determine if you are entitled to compensation as a result of your injury.  Do not take your case into your own hands; let an experienced Jones Act lawyer help you today.


Jones Act Attorneys – Ready to Do Battle for You

Your Jones Act attorneys are ready to do battle in or out of the courtroom. When you file a maritime claim, you need a team that is aggressive because you may have a fight on your hands. Many employers refuse to accept liability for maritime accidents and the claims wind up in court. This is when your Jones Act attorneys will spring into action. They will work hard and fast to secure the settlement or award you deserve. Prepare yourself for battle today and contact your attorney.

Seaman Hits Head Abandoning Ship and Calls Jones Act Attorneys

G. Hanwood was working aboard a Texas vessel when he hired a team of battle-ready Jones Act attorneys. Mr. Hanwood was injured when the vessel experienced a major problem – taking on water. The amount of water was so high that the captain ordered the crew to abandon the boat. The crew jumped into the water. Mr. Hanwood, trying to escape the boat while securing his safety gear, ended up hitting his head on the side of the boat on the way down. He was knocked unconscious and had to be rescued by other seamen before he drowned. The head injury left him with permanent vision problems, along with severe headaches. He hired experienced Jones Act attorneys to help him.

Mr. Hanwood’s Jones Act attorneys cited an unseaworthy vessel as the root of the accident. A close examination of the vessel’s maintenance records revealed several repairs that were neglected. These repairs would have prevented the boat from taking on water. The employer refused to settle the claim, arguing that it was Mr. Hanwood’s fault that he struck his head. The case went to trial and the Jones Act attorneys were successful. The jury awarded the injured seaman $2.45 million.

Do Not be Left with Nothing – Call Your Jones Act Attorneys Now

If you, or someone you know, have been injured while abandoning ship, you need the advice of qualified Jones Act attorneys. Your lawyers know how to get you the compensation you deserve. Without them, you could be left with nothing. Call your Jones Act attorneys for help today.

Begin Your Maritime Claim with Jones Act Lawyers

After you hire your Jones Act lawyers, you are ready to begin your maritime claim. Your lawyers will file the claim for you – you do not have to do any of the legal paperwork on your own. Other than signing what needs to be signed, your attorneys will handle everything else. It is your job to answer their questions and cooperate with them during your case. Even if you are in doubt – always trust your Jones Act lawyers. They want only to see you get the settlement or award you deserve.

Seaman Seriously Hurt by Mooring Line Contacts Jones Act Lawyers

K. Ryan, a seaman from Maine, was working aboard a barge when he had to hire Jones Act lawyers. Mr. Ryan was injured when another seaman was bringing in a mooring line. The line was old and worn – it had been reported several times to the captain for replacement. The line broke and the other seaman dove out of the way. Mr. Ryan was not so lucky – the line struck him in the chest, breaking numerous ribs, collapsing his lung and causing internal bleeding. Mr. Ryan had to seek emergency treatment and almost lost his life. After a full recovery, he hired a team of Jones Act lawyers.

The Jones Act lawyers filed a claim against the employer for an unseaworthy vessel. It was clear that the worn line needed to be replaced. The employer had been told several times, yet the repair had never been made. The employer had no valid reason for not making the repair. Therefore, instead of going to trial and leaving the decision in the hands of a jury, the employer met with Mr. Ryan’s Jones Act lawyers. A settlement was negotiated in the amount of $3.4 million.

Jones Act Lawyers – Ensuring Fair Settlements and Awards

If you, or someone you know, have been injured by a broken mooring line, you need experienced Jones Act lawyers. Your attorneys will know exactly what to do to ensure that you receive a fair settlement or award. Contact your Jones Act lawyers for a consultation today and begin your claim as soon as possible.

The Best Thing to do is Contact a Jones Act Attorney

One of the best things you can do in the case of a maritime accident is to contact a Jones Act attorney.  Not only knowledgeable in maritime law, a Jones Act attorney will cover all aspects of your case with you. He or she will help you understand what your rights are and what you will need to do to have a successful case.  Whether or not your employer is cooperating with your case, it is always good to have a Jones Act attorney on your side.

Jones Act Attorney Successfully Proves Worker was a Seaman

L. Pattman was working on barge when he was instructed to load a crane onto the vessel and bring it back to a cement plant.  Mr. Pattman successfully loaded the crane onto his barge and sailed the barge to a point in the river where the crane could safely be driven off the vessel and delivered to the cement plant.  The owner of the company proceeded to drive the crane off the barge.  Mr. Pattman helped the owner line up the crane tracks to keep the crane safe.  Unfortunately, the company owner did not know how to operate a crane and depressed the pedal that let the bucket of the crane swing free.  The bucket, weighing two tons, landed on Mr. Pattman’s arm, which resulted in the amputation of his forearm.

Mr. Pattman’s employer tried to fight the claim, stating the case should be covered by workmen’s compensation since the accident occurred at the cement plant.  Luckily, Mr. Pattman had hired a reputable Jones Act attorney who was able to help him file his case.  In Mr. Pattman’s case, the Jones Act attorney was able to prove that Mr. Pattman was a seaman and was performing work related to his position.  Mr. Pattman and the insurance company were able to reach a settlement of $1.5 million.

Call a Jones Act Attorney after Any Maritime Injury

If you have suffered an injury from a maritime accident because of being forced to do a job outside of your job description, contact a Jones Act attorney today.  Whether or not your injuries are as serious as an amputated arm, you are entitled to compensation.  A Jones Act attorney will tell you what your case is worth and how to go about filing it properly.  Contact a reputable Jones Act attorney to get started today.

A Jones Act Lawyer has the Knowledge and Expertise You Need

Hiring the services of an experienced Jones Act lawyer will help you get the compensation you deserve when you are injured in a maritime accident.  Your attorney has the knowledge and expertise to handle your claim and can let you know what you deserve as a result of your accident.  If it is necessary for your case to go to court and even before a jury, your Jones Act lawyer will handle all of the necessary steps to ensure your case is handled properly.

Texas Worker Injures Back on Platform and Calls Jones Act Lawyer

L. Sheldon was working on a Texas offshore platform when the driller that he was using negligently over torqued the tongs.  This caused them to spin back and violently strike Mr. Sheldon.  The force caused him to fly backwards, landing on his back and causing a lower back injury.  Mr. Sheldon was forced to miss a large amount of time from work, which caused him to lose wages.  He immediately contacted his Jones Act lawyer when he found out that his employer was denying any liability.

Mr. Sheldon’s employer was denying any fault with the driller that he was using and refused to discuss any type of claim when it came to his injuries.  Luckily, Mr. Sheldon got in contact with his Jones Act lawyer right away.  The Jones Act lawyer was able to prove to the courts that Mr. Sheldon’s injuries could have been prevented if the driller had not been over torqued.  Mr. Sheldon was awarded with $900,000.

Let a Jones Act Lawyer Help You Fight Your Unwilling Employer

If you have suffered an injury that was a result of a maritime accident, it is imperative that you contact a Jones Act lawyer today.  Whether your injuries caused you to miss work for a short period of time or you are unable to return to work on a vessel, your Jones Act lawyer can help you file a claim to get the compensation you deserve.  The expertise and knowledge of a Jones Act lawyer will help you fight the battle against an unwilling employer.

Jones Act Lawyers – Seeing Your Case through to the End

Jones Act lawyers know the rights of seamen.  They know exactly what seamen are entitled to when an accident happens on the job and an employer is denying the maritime claim.  Jones Act lawyers are experienced in many different cases involving maritime accidents and will work their hardest to get you and your family what you deserve.  If you have been involved in a maritime accident, do not hesitate to contact your Jones Act lawyers right away.  They will be honest with you and let you know if you have a valid claim.  If you do have a claim, you can trust them to see it through to the end.

Cook Injures Back from Repeated Heavy Lifting and Hires Jones Act Lawyers

E. Dover, the chief cook aboard a Louisiana commercial vessel, suffered debilitating injuries after lifting boxes of frozen meat that were too heavy for him to handle alone.  Mr. Dover had notified his employer that he was in need of more help in his kitchen, but his request was ignored.  As a result of lifting the heavy boxes, he suffered a hernia, along with back injuries, that put him out of work for several months.  Mr. Dover immediately contacted his Jones Act lawyers, who advised him that he had a valid case and began to work for him immediately.

The Jones Act lawyers acted on Mr. Dover’s behalf and filed a case that sited improper working conditions.  Since help was not provided and Mr. Dover was forced to perform all of the kitchen and cooking duties himself, he was subject to injury.  Because Mr. Dover was performing his job as he was told to do, his employer was liable for his injuries – especially since his request for help had been ignored. Mr. Dover’s Jones Act lawyers were able to get him a settlement of $1.5 million for his accident.

Jones Act Lawyers – Getting Injured Seaman Monetary Justice

If you have been injured due to negligence on the behalf of your employer, you need help from Jones Act lawyers.  You have a right to a claim and should file it as soon as possible.  Regardless of the degree of your injury, you are entitled to compensation.  Experienced Jones Act lawyers will help you get what you deserve.

Get Back on Your Feet with Jones Act Attorneys

Hiring Jones Act attorneys is the best way to ensure that you will get the compensation you deserve if you were injured in a maritime accident.  Maritime accidents can be detrimental not only to your health, but also to your family, especially if you are unable to support them.  Medical costs and time off work can take its toll on you and your family.  Hiring Jones Act attorneys will help you get back on your feet, getting the financial compensation that you are entitled to receive.

Lack of Maintenance Leads Seaman to Call Jones Act Attorneys

L. Cade was aboard a California vessel when he suffered injuries that led him to seek legal help.  Mr. Cade suffered injuries to his shoulder and arm that were a result of negligent operation of a trawl winch.  It was discovered that there was a lack of maintenance on the trawl winch, which caused its faulty operation, leading Mr. Cade to hurt his arm and shoulder.  Unable to work and support his family, Mr. Cade sought the advice of Jones Act attorneys in his area to see if he had a valid claim.

The Jones Act attorneys went to work on Mr. Cade’s case right away.  After investigating Mr. Cade’s case, they determined that there was indeed a case of negligence.  Maintenance records revealed that the winch had not been inspected for almost two years. A simple inspection would have revealed the problems and prevented the accident. Mr. Cade’s employer refused to cooperate with the claim, which caused the Jones Act attorneys to take the case to court.  They were able to get Mr. Cade awarded $1.8 million.

Ensure Success of Your Claim with Jones Act Attorneys

If you have suffered a maritime claim and your employer is not cooperating with you, seek the advice of Jones Act attorneys right away.  Letting Jones Act attorneys investigate your case will help you have the best chance of getting the compensation you and your family deserve.  One of the worst things you could do is delay contacting an attorney after being involved in a maritime accident.  The best way to ensure success is to contact Jones Act attorneys right away.