Jones Act Attorney Settles Knee Injury and Surgery Claim

JANUARY 31, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

Ensure Success with a Qualified Jones Act Attorney

The best way to ensure success from your maritime claim is to hire a Jones Act attorney.  Jones Act claims can be stressful and overwhelming, causing many people to give up their claims.  By hiring the services of a Jones Act attorney, you will get the proper help and guidance needed to file your claim. Soon, you will get the compensation that you are entitled to receive as a result of your maritime accident.

Seaman Calls Jones Act Attorney after Knee Injury on Oregon Vessel

S. Carico was a seaman aboard an Oregon vessel when he needed the services of Jones Act attorney.  Mr. Carico was ordered to rebuild the roller chocks of the ship.  The problem with this order is that he was told to do it while the ship was in motion.  Because the roller chocks were against the hull of the ship, Mr. Carico had to be careful not to drop the chocks over the side of the ship.  Mr. Carico was not provided with scaffolding or any other item to assist in the project.  He was only given wrenches to disassemble and reassemble the chocks.  After realizing that each chock weighed 100 pounds and there were several on the spring line station that he had to rebuild and then lift, Mr. Carico was worried about putting the spring line station back.  When he lifted it back, he injured his knee, resulting in three subsequent surgeries to repair it.

Mr. Carico’s Jones Act attorney filed a claim stating that Mr. Carico’s employer made him work in unsafe conditions. The attorney also stated that the employer did not provide proper supervision or equipment.  According to the Jones Act attorney, a seaman is limited to lifting a specific amount of weight on his own without the help of a mechanical device.  Since Mr. Carico was forced to lift the spring line station on his own and it weighed well over several hundred pounds, his Jones Act attorney argued that the employer was liable. The employer agreed to give Mr. Carico a $750,000 settlement.

An Experienced Jones Act Attorney will Get You Fair Compensation

If you, or a loved one, were involved in a maritime accident due to negligence on your employer’s part, contact a Jones Act attorney today.  Knowledgeable in the maritime law, as well as experienced in a wide variety of cases, an attorney will get you the compensation you need.  Do not try to do it on your own – contact a Jones Act attorney today.


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