Jones Act Lawyers Help Seaman after Toe Amputation

JANUARY 31, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

Poor Conditions Lead to Accidents and Jones Act Lawyers

Jones Act lawyers work on behalf of seamen that are treated poorly or forced to work in unfair working conditions.  While working on a vessel contains an element of danger and risk, it is the employer’s responsibility to make sure that the crew is properly taken care of and working in fair conditions.  When the conditions are poor, an accident is almost inevitable. Maritime accidents can result in maritime claims – this is when you need an attorney. Jones Act lawyers know the ins and outs of the Jones Act and are able to tell you if you have a valid claim.

Frostbitten Seaman Contacts Jones Act Lawyers

T. Terault was working aboard a fishing vessel in the freezer hold stacking cargo.  Even though Mr. Terault complained to his employer repeatedly that his feet were very sore from the working conditions, his employer continued to ignore him.  Mr. Terault ended up with frostbite on both of his feet as a result of the working conditions.  Instead of getting Mr. Terault the proper medical care he needed to take care of his frostbite, Mr. Terault’s employer continued to keep him onboard for another 15 days.  Because Mr. Terault’s frostbite injuries were not treated immediately, gangrene set in and Mr. Terault had to have his toes amputated.  Mr. Terault immediately contacted experienced Jones Act lawyers to work on his behalf.

Jones Act lawyers were able to investigate the claims that Mr. Terault made, and found that Mr. Terault’s complaints were ignored and his injuries were not treated. Mr. Terault was also forced to work in unfair working conditions – in the freezer hold with few breaks during a shift.  Because Mr. Terault’s employer emphatically denied the claims, the Jones Act lawyers brought the case in front of a jury.  Mr. Terault was awarded with $2 million as a result of his injuries and loss of wages.

Contact Jones Act Lawyers for All Maritime Injuries

If you were involved in a similar maritime accident, contact your experienced Jones Act lawyers immediately.  Letting the professional Jones Act lawyers evaluate your case will help you get what you deserve for your case and not a penny less.  Whether it is for frostbite or for a more severe injury, you deserve compensation. If you have suffered any type of maritime injury, contact your Jones Act lawyers today.

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