Jones Act Lawyers Settle Case for Seaman with Massive Injuries

JANUARY 30, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

Begin Your Maritime Claim with Jones Act Lawyers

After you hire your Jones Act lawyers, you are ready to begin your maritime claim. Your lawyers will file the claim for you – you do not have to do any of the legal paperwork on your own. Other than signing what needs to be signed, your attorneys will handle everything else. It is your job to answer their questions and cooperate with them during your case. Even if you are in doubt – always trust your Jones Act lawyers. They want only to see you get the settlement or award you deserve.

Seaman Seriously Hurt by Mooring Line Contacts Jones Act Lawyers

K. Ryan, a seaman from Maine, was working aboard a barge when he had to hire Jones Act lawyers. Mr. Ryan was injured when another seaman was bringing in a mooring line. The line was old and worn – it had been reported several times to the captain for replacement. The line broke and the other seaman dove out of the way. Mr. Ryan was not so lucky – the line struck him in the chest, breaking numerous ribs, collapsing his lung and causing internal bleeding. Mr. Ryan had to seek emergency treatment and almost lost his life. After a full recovery, he hired a team of Jones Act lawyers.

The Jones Act lawyers filed a claim against the employer for an unseaworthy vessel. It was clear that the worn line needed to be replaced. The employer had been told several times, yet the repair had never been made. The employer had no valid reason for not making the repair. Therefore, instead of going to trial and leaving the decision in the hands of a jury, the employer met with Mr. Ryan’s Jones Act lawyers. A settlement was negotiated in the amount of $3.4 million.

Jones Act Lawyers – Ensuring Fair Settlements and Awards

If you, or someone you know, have been injured by a broken mooring line, you need experienced Jones Act lawyers. Your attorneys will know exactly what to do to ensure that you receive a fair settlement or award. Contact your Jones Act lawyers for a consultation today and begin your claim as soon as possible.

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