Jones Act Attorney Settles Harmful Substance Exposure Claim

FEBRUARY 29, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

Use a Jones Act Attorney for Complex Claims

Jones Act claims are complex and when not handled correctly, they can cause you to lose significant amounts of money if you do not use a Jones Act attorney.  The financial compensation you obtain relies on your employer and the cooperativeness that they provide regarding your claim.  Some employers are very cooperative when it comes to employees’ injuries and others resist cooperation, making it difficult for the accident victim.  Let a Jones Act attorney help you file your maritime claim so that you are sure to get the financial compensation that your injuries entitle you to receive.

Seaman Wastes No Time Calling Jones Act Attorney

N. Caber was working as a deckhand gauging operations when he was exposed to hydrogen sulfide gas, which caused him to suffer lung complications. These complications left him unable to work for several weeks.  Mr. Caber required services from several different types of doctors to completely heal his injuries.  He was very distraught over his inability to work, as he was the sole provider for his family. Knowing that his employer was at fault, Mr. Caber contacted his Jones Act attorney right away.

Mr. Caber explained to his Jones Act attorney that his employer refused to use hermetically sealed gauges to prevent the exposure to hydrogen sulfide gas.  He also told his Jones Act attorney that he was never warned that the concentrations of hydrogen sulfide gas were so high, putting Mr. Caber’s health at risk.  The Jones Act attorney took all of the proper steps in filing Mr. Caber’s Jones Act claim and was able to get Mr. Caber’s employer to settle out of court for $2.43 million.

Don’t Make Assumptions – Call a Jones Act Attorney

If you have suffered complications from exposure to a harmful substance while working at a maritime job, hire the services of a Jones Act attorney to help you file your claim.  It is more difficult to prove complications from inhaling harmful gases or substances than it is to prove a visible injury.  An experienced attorney will be able to help you file your claim and be able to prove that your injuries are a result of your maritime work.  Do not assume you do not have a case – contact a Jones Act attorney today.

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